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  • Hello everyone and welcome to my new album! Some of you may recognise me from my album from equus sims or my Instagram @/ piper.chance. I have decided to also create an blog on here for the people who don't follow me there :) I hope you all enjoy!

    Hello! My name is Piper. I am a 25yo Australian currently living in a medium sized ranch located in Victoria! :D My ranch is called Woodside Park and we focus on breeding appaloosa's and APH's. We try to breed all different shapes & sizes for our horses so they can be capable of any discipline. If you need a paint or appy suitable for an English discipline we have them! We are only a small family but we are still growing. I hope you all enjoy my blog <3

    I'm now just going to give you all a little spam on most of our horses & a little about them :)

    This is WSP Polka Dot aka Polka! My purebred appaloosa gelding. Polka is currently my main riding horse who im working with. He is an outstanding jumper however he does have some naughty traits that i need to work on. He is just a stunning boy and i love him to bits.

    Polkas marking was not made by me

    Next up is my beloved mare WSP Spotted Love aka Love. Love is my purebred appaloosa mare that is currently i guess you can say part time broodmare? She is an outstading horse for cross country and just flys over the jumps. She currently has a gorgeous filly at foot out of the amazing stallion RL Arny's Joker Chip a stallion from redloosaranch. She is a gorgeous mare and i miss riding her.

    RL Good Lil' Chip aka Contagious aka Tage! A beautiful now 8 month old filly out of my mare WSP Spotted Love & RL Arny's Joker Chip. Tage so far has been halter trained and thats pretty much it for now. Her ground training will start very soon. She is a gorgeous filly and a have just fallen in love with her.

    Tage's marking was not made by me


    Archie! Archie is my fresh of the track bay gelding. Archie has been off the track for 6 months now but hasn't been ridden since. I only recently saddled him and he was great. Archie is a current project of mine and he will hopefully turn out into a jumper. I am looking for a show name for Archie so let me know some!


    WSP Paintin' You Pretty aka Lakota! Lakota is my main broodmare. Lakota is broken in but due to an old injury she can only be light ridden.


    WSP InterStellar aka Stellar! Stellar is a yearling colt warmblood x paint. Stellar is my only cross breed i own as i cannot part with him. He was the first ever foal i have had and just fell in love with him! However he is the most naughtiest horse on my property and a cannot seem to get rid of his bad habits grr! Still need a lot of work with this little one. his photo was taken awhile ago


    RL Painted Whizz aka Atlas! Atlas is my 7yo APH stallion not for breeding! Atlas is currently my 2nd main riding horse who i am still working with. He came from redloosa ranch. Atlas is a super gorgeous boy who stands out in the show ring.


    OCS Titans Blues aka Blue my APH gelding. Blue is still a youngster so is unbroken. He is currently my show led horse and will be getting broken in later on. He is a very pretty & sweet boy!0_1522139895558_Screenshot-108.jpg

    WSP Gamble On A Spin aka Chic my soon to be broodmare. Chic is only 3yo and will be my 2nd main broodmare hopefully. 0_1522140008322_Screenshot-157.jpg

    Okay those are most of my horses! I still have about 4 to introduce you all too however i don't have any edited/updated photos so ill need to get some. Let me know who is your favourite!

  • My gosh! Your appaloosa's are gorgeous! <3 Also love the pattern on WSP Paintin' You Pretty, those teeny tiny black spots on the white give it something extra :smile:

  • @Shea-Hamilton Thankyou so much! Yeah those little black spots give her a little character :D

  • Im pregnant!

    Stupid hot tub!!

    We recently hot a new hot tub installed and it's so refreshing!

    Happy to say now Jordan and i are soon going to have a little young one running around! Hopefully he/she will be horsey!


    Thought id let ya'll know i will be doing a huge time jump to when Piper & Jordan's baby is a child. So it will be a huge time jump. So sorry but i can't wait for the baby to be able to ride lol!! Whos exited?!

  • Aw! Congratulations! Can't wait to see the little one!

  • Big Updates!

    opps i keep forgetting to post on this album sorry! Anyways here is a little spam about whats been going on :)

    My son Leo on his little shetland "Little Joe"


    Foals Foals Foals!

    This little appaloosa colt is called Nemo <3

    0_1523110698031_Screenshot-220.jpg 0_1523110704261_Screenshot-211.jpg

    New little filly still unamed. Of course Lakota decided to foal in the dirt!!


    We also have moved! So here is a photo of Polka, Stellar & Murphy playing in their new paddock!


    Archie Lookin Cute!


    Jordan now is competing in reining all on his horse OCS Who Start the fire aka Patches. He thinks one horse is enough :face_palm: What if Patches gets sick and is unable to compete in the upcoming show?? Well, so i decided to surprise Jordan with a new horse!

    Jordan hates appaloosas, which is funny because we breed them. He doesn't like they patchy skin they can get or the spots. So i went and bought him a gorgeous pintaloosa mare! This lovley lady carries bloodlines from my favourite appy stallion...

    Meet WSP Purdy Easy Goin' aka Tara!

    Tara is only 13.3 - 14h so she is quite small but she is quick with her feet so perfect for reining! She has done lots of reining work with her breeders but hasn't shown yet. Jordan at first was kind of mad with me until he got on her and tested her out..Gosh she is amazing! Gives way to preshur and is really quick. Jordan is now really happy with her which im relieved! Isn't she cute?

    plz don't mind the crappy quick edits lmao

    0_1523111212284_Screenshot-224.jpg 0_1523111215283_Screenshot-225.jpg 0_1523111235934_Screenshot-227.jpg 0_1523111239291_Screenshot-228.jpg

  • I love that lil spotted foal!!

  • My Apologies!

    Grrr i keep forgetting to post into this thread haha! So sorry!
    Another little spam...

    First ride on Polka since the move. Other than being extremely hot & forward moving he was great! I was an idiot and sold all my jumps as i ran out of storage space while moving so for the time being hay bales will make fine jumps!

    Really happy with how my ottb Archie is coming along. Still haven't ridden him but he is very well manured on ground and gentle. Hopefully soon i will ride him! Still unsure exactly what my plans are for him though.
    0_1523698653439_Screenshot-272.jpg 0_1523698656867_Screenshot-281.jpg

    Meet Benji! Benji is not mine he is a friend of mines :) He was just broken in but has a few bad habits under saddle so me being me volunteered to figure him out & teach him out of them. He tends to turn his head around and bite your feet, Pigroot when you squeeze him into a trot, and tends to throw his head around all over the place to get his mouth back. He is behaving well in this photo.

    All 4 foals for this foal crop! I have so many horses right now and want to keep them all but i can't D: The champagne filly in the front is already sold and will go to her new home with @/ Colton Galloway on facebook. 0_1523698958174_Screenshot-245.jpg

    The buckskin filly all aged up <3


    My appaloosa mare Love <3 My favourite horse of all time, could never part with her.


    Last but not least a cute photo of Tara <3


  • Quick little updates <3

    Since iv'e been purchasing a few horses on this site i am going to start being more active on this album so people can see how they are going.

    OCS Smart N Shining

    Some of you may know this little boy from Ottercreek Stables over with @Kody-Böhming . Well i was lucky enough to purchase this guy :)

    Star is doing fantastic! He Has started to fill out and is coming along nicely. When he first arrived he was so calm and quiet which was weird as most horses are a little spooky and on edge when first arriving at a new home especially young ones.

    A photo of me petting Star not long after his arrival here at Woodside Park <3


    After a week of arriving Stars personality really started to come out. A little playful gelding with a lot to show. He comes trotting up prancing to the fence when i walk past with another horse and shows off. Tail help high like an arabian and snorting, Such a funny fur kid!

    I took Star out for his first offical workout today, He isn't broken in yet so i'm taking baby steps. I put western saddle on him for a little test and he was so calm and gentle. Didn't care at all that there was a weird thing sitting on his back and around his stomach. He just sniffed it as if he was saying "wtf is this".

    Work time he was fantastic! Kody needs to show me his tricks with training the youngsters! He knew what to do and was very respectful on ground. Still not ready to be ridden but we are getting there!


    0_1526224488100_Screenshot-418.jpg 0_1526224494070_Screenshot-411.jpg 0_1526224496676_Screenshot-412.jpg

    My new mare WSP GoldCraft aka Goldie!

    6yo APH overo mare.


  • OCS Smart N Shining <3

  • @Nina-Ricchi Thankyou <3 he is a cutie xD

  • Bigger the heard the better!

    I'd like to introduce you all to 3 new members of Woodside Park!

    RVR Our Sweet Surrender aka Sweety - Grullo splash APH mare.
    RVR Driftys Cowgirl aka Cowgirl - Buckskin solid AQH mare.
    RVR Endless Possibilities aka Oreo - Black and white tobiano APH mare.

    Oreo is a broodmare/pleasure horse. The other two's discipline is still undecided. They are both very quiet under saddle. Will need to have a few rides on each to decide what they are suited too.

    All 3 mares & markings are from @Eric-Varnheim !


    2 weeks can mean a lot!

    For those who don't follow me on instagram (@/ piper.chance ) or facebook (@/ Piper Chance ) I have recently got a chance to take on an amazing mustang from a heard located in the US. My friend's Kody and Mathew from Ottercreek Stable's found a gorgeous mixed marking mare they wanted to save from the last minute auctions however they did not have room for a mustang or the time to train however they knew someone who does. That person was lucky me!

    It has now just gone over the 2 week mark since Flame arrived here. She was scared and would not let any human touch her. After some time just sitting in the paddock she eventually got closer and closer each day to me. I am now able to gently pet her head and a little bit softly on her neck. Anyway past her shoulders she will turn and run away in fright. Is till have a lot to do with this girl but this is defiantly progress! She has already started to fill out more and has gotten a bigger stomach since the day i got her. Cannot wait to get the halter on and teach her to lead so i can bathe her to make them markings white!


    first photo is of the day she arrived, 2nd was today. 0_1526655961823_Screenshot-388.jpg 0_1526655965332_Screenshot-439.jpg

  • Meet The Boys!

    After going back i few photos i realised i haven't introduced you all to my "Big Boys." Meaning my stallions. I have 5 stallions, all amazing big & stocky boys. Here they are! Let me know who is your favourite and if you were to choose one for breeding which one would you choose?

    OCS Beg Your Pardon
    8yo APH Stallion
    Bay Tobiano EE Aa TOTO

    Beggy is an outstanding reiner boy. He loves going fast but won't go unless you say. He is a very quiet stallion and never puts a food wrong in or out of the property. He has been on many trails with my 14yo son on him with other geldings.


    RL Painted Whizz
    10yo APH Stallion
    Smokey Black/bay Overo Unknown Geno

    Atlas is a very loving stallion. Seeing him in the padock you would't be able to tell her is a stallion. His an amzing reining horse but he is currently doing some minor hunter work.

    WSP Sensational Flashy Rebel
    7yo APH Stallion
    Grullo Sabino Geno unknown

    Charlie is a gorgeous stallion and he knows it... Charlie may look nice but he can be a little difficult under saddle with a new rider. He is very loyal and really only connects with one person. I know all his buttons & special spots so he can only be ridden by myself to get the best outcome. He is very quiet out on trails however likes to be in the lead ;)

    WSP Smokin' Good Golden
    15yo Dual AQH/APH Stallion
    Palomino solid Geno unknown

    Tarzan is our oldest and best breeding stallion. He is 15yo but still looking amazing! With his rich golden dappled coat he produces gorgeous babies. Tarzan is currently out of breeding for 1 year though but will be back when he is 16! Tarzan is very sweet however is the boss in the paddock if he is paddocked with another horse. He will kick & bite around dinner time.


    WSP Styled By A Prince
    5yo APH Stallion
    Chestnut Overo Geno Unknown

    Leeroy defiantly stands out in the show ring. Leeroy carries outstanding reining bloodlines. Leeroy is still in training. He is a very quick learner and doesn't forget anything. A very easy going boy.


  • A whole lot of really pretty boys. Your horses are really outstanding. Great colors and markings

  • Tarzan and Atlas wanna come home with me.... lol

  • Oh my, i fell in love with Painted Whizz <3 He is so stunning

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