Lovsta Varmblod - We're a future team [April 15 -18] comments welcome!

  • Lovsta Varmblod opened it's doors in June 2016 under a different name, then as now with Swedish Warmbloods as it's sweetheart breed. Then it went through several name changes and different focused breeds before it was decided that Lovsta was the perfect name.

    Under the management of Carli-Mae the stable returned to their roots of SWB, the goal in breeding and competing them to showcase the versatility and performance spirit of the warmblood. It's always been the wish for the Lovsta staff to put quality first and while SWB's are the primary focus, other breeds now call Lovsta's pastures their home.

    In the summer of 2017, Lovsta joined forces with Salvatella Stud. Entering a breeding program for Andalusians with our already at home stallion Lovsta's Faustino. This union has already produced two lovely colts, the oldest aged five and already showing great promise.


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    Blog entries:
    The future is looking bright
    We're a future team

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    #ID Show name Main discipline Points Breeder
    # Grey's Drops of Jupiter Eventing 0 Erika Fields
    # Lovsta's Rogue One* Showjumping # Carli-Mae Hedegaard

    *on lease to @Skylar-Sovari


    #ID Show name Main discipline Points Breeder
    # Lovsta's Okaritokivi Showjumping 0 Carli-Mae Hedegaard
    # HTEC Luzena Gold Endurance 0 @Jane-Rader
    # Lovsta's Riches Aplenty Dressage 0 Carli-Mae Hedegaard


    #ID Show name Main discipline Points Breeder
    # Lovsta's Life On Mars Eventing 0 Carli-Mae Hedegaard

    0_1523804710995_Jupiter n Mars.png



    #ID Show name Main discipline Points Breeder
    31711 Lovsta's Faustino Dressage 0 Carli-Mae Hedegaard
    31710 Lovsta's Frisco Dressage 0 Carli-Mae Hedegaard


    #ID Show name Main discipline Points Breeder
    31737 SAL Estrella Cristalina Dressage - @Skylar-Sovari


    #ID Show name Main discipline Points Breeder
    31712 Lovsta's Finasto Dressage 0 Carli-Mae Hedegaard

    0_1523804728710_Faustino n Finn.png

  • The Crew


    Name Age Sex Role Main discipline Earnings
    Rene Coon 25 Female Manager Cross country $0
    Lucie Coon 23 Female SJ Instructor Showjumping $0
    Marcus Evergreen 30 Male XC Instructor Cross country $0
    Name Age Sex Experience Main discipline
    Candice McBrook 15 Female Novice None
    Erik Vester 18 Male Capable Showjumping

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  • The future is looking bright

    The very first of the horses have arrived and been introduced to the pastures! While the facilities are still far from complete it was too exciting a thought to move the horses already, and so they've turned up sooner than expected.
    A few more left to go, and definitely more walls and floors to be done, but it's a hint of what's to come!

    alt text
    Lovsta's Faustino seems to have returned to his youngster days. The fresh air must do him well already!

    alt text
    Though no less interested in his new home than Tim, Grey's Drops Of Jupiter is taking it a bit slower to explore.

    alt text
    This picture was snapped just before Lovsta's Okaritokivi got joined by her friend Goldie, obviously excited to meet their new home together.

    alt text
    HTEC Luzena Gold is loving the open space and toured the pasture with her head up high!

  • I love your photos! the tone, the light ... I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  • @Irene-Crownguard Thank you I'm glad to hear read it!

  • Those pictures are gorgeous! <3 :heart_eyes: HTEC Luzena Gold has such a nice coat, love the shade (really honors the name) of the coat and the pattern a lot!

  • @Shea-Hamilton Thank you, I'm really lucky to have her!

  • Looks really loveley. Love the atmosphere. May I ask which world you use?

  • Stunning pictures! <3

  • @Jase-Sunshine Thank you ^^ I made the world myself :)

    @Jane-Rader Ty <3

  • Realy great horses

  • @Mira-Green Thanks bunches :)

  • Exciting times! I love how clean clear and bright your pics are. Okaritokivi is so lovely, I love how inquisitive she looks

  • @Alex-Richards Thank you so much ^^ Kivi is really a curious girl!

  • We're a future team

    Candice had been unable to sleep due to the nerves rushing through her body, collecting in her stomach in the sensation of butterflies fluttering around. She'd gotten up, dressed and fed herself as soon as the sun had peeked over the horizon, leaving several hours until she was due for her first lesson.

    Having been driven to Yard Lovsta, most known by it's business name Lovsta Varmblod, by her parents the previous day she'd been left there by herself after an introduction to the staff and a tearful goodbye to her mother and father.
    Though Candice was only fifteen she'd gotten the opportunity to become the first student at Lovsta, something she was quite proud of. Having been home schooled she didn't have any friends outside of the internet that'd miss her for this period and classes weren't an issue as they could be done online through skype calls and teaching tools.

    When it was finally time to leave the students housing to meet up with Rene, the manager and all-round instructor, the nerves had settled some and she was able to put on a brave face.

    alt text

    The first thing she saw when approaching the outdoor riding arena was a lovely, dark bay horse. Looking closer she noticed it was a mare and quickly sorted through what she'd read on Lovsta's website. She decided that it must be SAL Estrella Cristalina, the founding Andalusian mare for their breeding program.
    Was this really the horse she would have her first riding experience on? Sure, she knew the basics and didn't loose her balance in the canter anymore, but Candice was still worried that the well-trained dressage mare would somehow be ruined by her.

    Swallowing the bile that'd risen up she approached Rene and Cristalina, coughing to get their attention.

    "Oh! Hi there Candice!" Rene gave her a wide grin and gestured towards the mare. "Ready for your first lesson? I promise that Cristalina is a sweetheart so don't worry about a thing!" Though she hadn't been worried about the mare's temperament she gave a smile and nodded, stepping closer to stroke the soft muzzle.

    alt text

    Wasting no time Rene got her to mount and warm up by herself, claiming it was to judge how far into her riding she already was. Cristalina had a larger step than she was used to so Candice felt as if she was bounced around in a too-large saddle, sure that it looked clumsy and amateur level from an outsiders perspective. She was only given minor corrections on her posture though and by the time she urged Cristalina to a canter she felt more confident, her body starting to get used to the strides.

    Candice was then asked to lead Cristalina in a circle around Rene, now asked to work the mare a bit more to get a good bend. She felt at a loss of what to do, having never heard some of the instructions said. By trial she managed to figure out what the other woman meant most of the time, sometimes by pure chance. Candice was a bit startled when Rene praised her, not having expected what she'd done to be the right thing.
    Through the lesson Candice was relieved to find that most exercises went almost on auto-pilot. Cristalina seemed to know exactly what to do with just the minor suggestions. It allowed Candice to relax and let what Rene said really soak into her, making it easier to guess correctly when a new phrase or instruction was given. By the end Candice had almost forgotten how nervous she'd been at the start, the kind mare and non-judgmental Rene putting her mind at rest, though not so much that she didn't have a bunch of new information to sort through as she helped un-tack and brush Cristalina.

  • Beautiful pictures, wonderful story <3

  • @Will-Petrov Thank you I'm so glad you like it :D

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