Varnhagen Stud - Marking + Import Service { CURRENTLY CLOSED }

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    Welcome to my new creation service!

    Do you ever wanted that blaze or this complete horse with an unique marking? Now it is your opportunity to get all your markings/imports/coats you ever wanted!
    Order now and you will get your order within 24 hours or less! It's fast, easy and 4k quality!


    • You can order just a marking, a coat, a template, a complete import created after your reference or a blind import (the price of imports will be created after the prices below).


    • Don't put the markings/horse/coat up for mass download.
    • Up to two requests per person until the request is finished. After those are finished you are allowed to request another time.
    • Files will be sent after payment.


    • Only head marking: 2k
    • Simple head-leg marking combination: 5k
    • Complex full body markings (Tobiano, Sabino, Overo, Splash, W, Roan): 10k


    • Simple Coats (base colors with max. one dilution gene): 5k
    • Complex coats (more than one dilution gene): 8k


    • All breed templates: 2k

    Please add all neccesary information on what you want. Only coat, only marking, complete import (please add references) or blind import.

    Your Name:
    Describe what you want:

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text


  • Your Name: Porsha
    Describe what you want: Overo marking...Is this too hard?

  • Your Name: Darya
    Describe what you want:

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Thank you <3

  • Both accepted! @Darya-Macarova

    @Porsha-Hunt It is a very difficult marking for me and I need more time than 24 hours for it. I would also ask for a different price than it says in the description. Just tell me if that's okay for you

  • @Eric-Varnheim Oh that's okay! I will change to make it easier for you :) Is this okay?


  • Your Name: Ola Urban
    Describe what you want: Hanoverian template


    I have to work on a bigger project during my studies, so I have to close this service for now. It will open up again when we have finished the project! :heart:

    I will work on your three requests, but it will take longer than usual. Hope that's okay for you :blush:
    @Porsha-Hunt @Darya-Macarova @Ola-Urban

  • Is the face markings requested via slack also apart of the hold time?

  • @Marc-Sanders All requests via Slack aren't a part of this. So they will be finished in time.

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