Found- Coat Maker Wanted

  • I am looking for someone to make a very specific coat for me. I have a reference. No white marking. The coat will be for use on one of my own horses which will never be sold. I will not accept using the creators prefix so I am looking for someone willing to make the coat with that stipulation. Paying up to 15k for a coat that accurately matches the reference image.

  • Hello! Have you got a photo? :)

  • @Porsha-Hunt said in Coat Maker Wanted:

    Hello! Have you got a photo? :)

    PM'd you :)

  • I think I might be able to do that for you :smile: If you're still searching just DM me, I can send some references of my work to you if you'd like as well :slight_smile:

  • I can try if you still need it :)

  • I have someone attempting the coat so this is on hold for the moment. Thanks every one :)

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