[SOLD VIA AUTOBUY] Welsh pony mare - RW* Oksana

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    ends 02.10.17 - 24hr ALB ❧ RW* Oksana

    First auction hosted by Rosenthal Wood, depending on the success of this one more will come.

    Do not change the horse's coat color or conformation (except shine, shade and details markings, minimal conformation tweaks are permitted)
    You can change mane, tail and hoof hairs styles but not the color
    You must keep our prefix (RW*) but you can change the name of the horse
    You may choose the horse's discipline(s) yourself
    Auction ends on 02.10.17 and then will turn into a 24h after last bid auction

    For a supplement of 2 000$ I'll make you a custom marking (face + legs) just for her. PM/DM me with references when you've won the auction.


    RW* Oksana (Foundation)
    Welsh pony of cob type (C)
    3 years old
    Perlino (Ee Aa CrCr fF)
    SB - 5 000$ (I will consider autobuy offers)
    LB - /
    She's unregistered, you can chose her discipline(s).
    None of the pictures are edited (except reshade).
    CAS pictures : CAS 1 - CAS 2 - CAS 3

    alt text alt text alt text


  • SB!! :heart_eyes:

  • @Borja-Domecq : Sorry, she's been sold via autobuy but another auction is coming soon ;)

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