New strain for racking horse

  • North American Single-Footing Horse
    This breed/strain is closely related to already existing racking horse but there are some differences. Pls read.

    IRL REGISTRIES <main one <tiny recently born european limb < also info


    What makes it different from Racking horse we have?
    While regular Racking Horse is mostly from TWH, vast majority of there guys are 75% + standardbreds. The best horses are 90+ standardbreds. There are of course pons from other breeds that are great, but it's standardbred populated one.
    Also registration rules are different. Horses that do not have parents registered must be KEG SHOED or BAREFOOT and display gait in various speeds. Racking horses we have can be shoed any way/anyhow to get registered.
    Also outcrosses are bit different.
    Colors which are acceptable are different.
    Level caps are different.
    Most horses are registered in both associations and some extras.
    Less coloured strain, due to most standardbred genes.

    Brief history

    Rather new breed. One of the founding stallions is EZD Falcon Rowdy. He was an incredible Speed Racking Horse and the father and grandfather of several extraordinary horses. Unfortunately he was bred that much that those lines are partial very inbred.


    Average height is around 150-155. Taller horses over 160 are rare. I found one stallion that is 165. Light riding horse with hooves big enough to prevent problems. Strong back. Mostly fun, trail riding horse.


    They are mostly bred to be trail ponies, so more pressure on enurance. Shown mostly in Speed Racking and it's types (we don't have it so it's ok). Low influence of saddle breeds makes them less suitable for saddleseat disciplines (difference from racking horse we have). They are also not suitable for majority of english disciplines. Or western. They can still be successfull in TREC, Halter, mayyybe western dressage. It's not a breed we have many disciplines suitable for.

    Master Breed List

    Base Colors: Bay, Black, Red, Seal Brown, Wild bay
    Modifiers: cream(double accepted), flaxen, sooty
    White Markings: minimal and medium white spotting, tobiano, roan
    Appaloosa?: No
    Grey? : yes but kinda rare
    Which colors are rare for this breed: gray, flaxen, silver
    What outcrosses are allowed?: Most horses have at least 3/4 standardbred blood (not required). TWH, Saddlebred, Rocky and Kentucky Moutain, Spotted Saddle Horse, Missouri Fox trotter, Gaited Morgan, Icelandic and Paso (Peruvian).

    **IRL SingleFooting Horses **

    alt text
    For double cream
    alt text
    for single cream
    alt text
    for sooty
    For tobiano

    alt text

    Party Blue -
    M: Party Girl

    F: Big Blue Madness

    For roan

    some babies

    alt text

    Jackson´s Striking Fly (seal brown)
    one of the tallest rackers alive (1.65)

    alt text

    Sally, buckskin spotted filly

    alt text

    alt text

    She´s A 4 Speed
    Spotted mare, 1/8 Morgan, 1/8 TWH, rest is standardbred

    alt text

    Rowdy's Sunny Delight, half peruvian paso mare

    alt text

    Bo Wright's Iceman, half icelandic, half ASB, SHOBA registered

    alt text

    Little Jack, Half TWH half Standardbred (wild bay)

    Rowdy's Rumor

    Weezer, gray mare

    Hotshot, very wild bay
    alt text

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    I really don't think this is different enough to justify adding a whole new mainsite breed and discipline caps- If I'm reading this correctly all these horses could be registered as racking horses for Equus purposes.

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