How does leasing work?

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    Hi! I am a lost newbie... xD

    I saw that you can lease your horses?!
    How does this work and do I get money for it, if I lease my horses?
    Please explain it to me, I didn't found a guide or something for it.

    Thank you! <3

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    In real life leases tend to work as a way for people who don't own a horse to experience ownership and have the use of a horse without the commitment of true ownership and they pay for the opportunity.
    In contrast, on Equus leasing is primarily a way for horse owners to have their horses competing and active without having to do it themselves, and they pay the leaser for the service.

    If you wanted to lease out a horse to have someone else compete it for you, you would open the main site and navigate to the profile of the horse you want to lease. You would then click 'edit horse' and find the area where you can select a leaser. This will make the horse show up on your list of horses as 'leased out' and on the leasers list as 'lease'.

    It sounds like you're looking for a way to make money from leasing, so I suggest you open a service for leasing & competing other members horses.

    I hope this answers your questions!

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    @Elsie-Spectre Oh, thank you so much for your fast answer! It was really helpful! :)

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