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    Hey guys, I know this is a weird request, but I think I'd have an easier time building my many facilities if I had something to base them off of and try to mimic. The best references would be a whole little album of pictures that show difference angles and some pictures inside, an overview is highly preferred but just the name of the real life location works.

    I need references to fit the following:

    • Dressage: Looking for fairly fancy, specific architecture style doesn't matter, it could be a little more out of the box like Spanish or Tudor.

    • Hunter/Jumper: I'm just looking for kind of a sporty and functional feel for this one. Kind of what a lot of establishments have their facilities like.

    • Schooling: Can be a total mishmash. Literally just think of a schooling barn and that's what I need, this one is really loose in terms of style requirements, I just need a large lesson farm.

    • Western: Horse and Cattle Ranch styles are needed. I'm having a lot of issues figuring out the layout of such a place as I know English facilities best so more aerial views are preferred.

    These are just guidelines, I'm interested to look at any facilities that could house my horses or give me inspiration!

  • I don’t have what you’re looking for exactly but I do have a Pinterest board of facility ideas you’re welcome to look at! It really helped me and might provide you with some inspiration!


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    @Alex-Richards Thank you!!

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