[WANTED] Old and Unwanted WPW, ART, Z horses

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    Hey all! Dunno if this will get any responses but I'm making an effort to round up any horses I've created that are in need of little attention. I figure most of the ones I'll get back are from 2016, when my horse makings skills were a little, er, less developed- but I'm happy to take back a horse I sold you a week ago if you decide you want to rehome it, no judgement.

    Horses don't need to be registered, but I would prefer they had mainsites. I'm happy to offer you a full refund of what you paid + more if the horse has gathered points since I sold it. Same goes for horses won in raffles, I'm happy to pay you for the time you spent on them. Message me here or on Slack if you have something you'd like to sell!

    NOTE: I am not currently offering an update service for old horses of mine, only offering to purchase them. You are welcome to update any horse I've created yourself!

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