Alex's Scrapbook ~ ❦ Ashbrooke & Hesaan du Hali ~ Faces New & Old ~ 07.01.19

  • I love the coats of Reevah and Rogue :heart: I'm glad that you're back in the forum!

  • So lovely to see an update from you again! It feels like it was ages ago but better late than never as they say ^^ They're all so pretty but Rogue <3 I can't wait to see his future foals :heart_eyes:

  • I just love Reevah's rosy grey coat. They are all stunning!

  • Father & Daughter are wonderful :heart: They have a beautiful template and coat. I'm looking forward for more pictures of your Arabians.

  • Yay Alex is back! You have so many pretty arabs and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Happy you are getting into Polish Arabs. We need more of them around here. Reevah is amazing and its so great to see the oldies still around. Don't run off again!

  • Any update is a good update!

  • Your album is breathtaking, I am a fan! I love your Arabians and that house you built is gorgeous, just imagining how much something like that would cost to buy in the UK!! A lot! hahaha

  • So happy to see an update from you ❤ Your horses are amazing as always!

  • ALEX! that grey you have omggg i actually want to steal :cry: you managed to create such a realistic, soft and just downright stunning coat for that grey, and that greying out one? oh my gosh, i’m in love! :heart:

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    I have never commented in here? Good job Anna :unamused:
    It's nice seeing you being..well.. semi back here :D Can't wait to see more of your pixels :heart:

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