FOUND 2nd or Higher Generation Pure Polish Arabian Stallion

  • I am looking to purchase a 2nd or higher generation Pure Polish Arabian stallion. Pedigree bonus does not matter but Parents must be registered on Equus. I am very picky with my conformation so I will be very picky here. I am also happy to buy a BIY or traditional breeding from your 2 horses. Willing to pay well for the right horse. If you have such a horse or are willing to do a breeding please DM me on the forums or you can also post here.

    Other important things to note: I am often very busy so if you require frequent updates I cannot comply with that rule. The horse will be kept active however, he will be shown in the discipline I choose for him until max points. He will be entered in most R shows and I will show him off in my scrapbook when time permits but I cannot promise frequent photo updates.

    Color is not important as long as it is not Homozygous as this stallion will become an important part of my future breeding program and I would like as many options available as possible when it comes to color.

    Thanks for reading :)

  • Still looking :)

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock actually looking for one ASAP but I will probably want others later as well :)

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock said in Want to buy 2nd or Higher Generation Pure Polish Arabian Stallion:

    @Skye-Valens what disciplines are you wanting to use the foal for, that way I can plan the pairing better?

    Honestly I don't know yet. It really depends on what I need when I am ready to look for another one.

  • Oh I actually borrowed a breeding pair from someone so I no longer need one ASAP just forgot to edit the title. I will want another one sometime later though.

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