Woodside part stock downsizing auctions

  • I have a bunch of horses i am wanting to sell to downsize. I only currently have pics of 2 horses but 4 more will be added by tonight. All horses aren't registered or have any points. Highest offer gets the horse

    WSP Gamble On A Spin
    7yo APH 15h
    Good broodmare, broken in but hasn't been ridden much.
    Currently has 1 champagne buckskin filly at foot but will be sold once she is weaned.
    Custom Marking
    highest over 8k
    WSP Red Rose's Kiss
    8yo APH 15h
    Broken in and was getting used as a spare horse for trails, very quiet. Has had 1 foal. She is a solid APH so she will produce colour. She currently has a black & white colt at foot.
    Solid, no custom markings. Just a blaze but not custom.
    highest offer over 5k


    The person with the best offer will be chosen on the 20/04/18

  • WSP Gamble On A Spin 10k
    WSP Red Rose's Kiss 7k

  • @Hediwg-Johnson I'd be happy for you to take them for that price :)

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