[SOLD] Downsizing Sale

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    Hi! Welcome to an another sale. I have decided to sell a few horses. Again... ':D

    The rules are the usual ones:

    • Don't change the coat color, the horses bodyshape, gender, etc.
    • You are allowed to change shine, mane and tail if you want.
    • If the markings aren't the right ones, you can replace them with similar ones.
    • If you don't want the horse anymore, please contact me first.
    • The horse should be active and if you have a blog I would love it to see pictures!
    • My creator ID: 9890
    • I have the right to get a free offspring from the sold horse, whenever I want.
    • The prices are negotiable!

    The most horses are registered and active competing!


  • Do we pm you to buy?

  • I'm interested in GFH Zamaan!

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    @Isabella-Khrazenzia PM or in this post! ^^

  • Cinderellaaaa :heart_eyes: Would totally buy her if I had enough money, she's sooo pretty!!

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    • GFH Cinderella and GFH Zamaan are sold!
    • GFH Baahir made the second place in the last dressage show, now he has 8 Points in Dressage!

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    • New horse added!
    • GFH Karimah and GFH Ami Fleur are still available.

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    GFH Karimah is sold.
    Only two horses left!

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