Main Site Acceptance

  • Hey there, I'm wanting to start over with a new barn and characters! I therefore re-registered on the main site as Taylor Brooks. I know that you guys are really careful when it comes to individuals registering from the same IP address and was therefore hoping you could still approve my new profile and I am happy to have the old one deleted!

  • There is a form under Change Forms that gives I believe the ability to have your account restarted

  • Administrators

    We don't allow multiple accounts, so you'll want to change your current account to fit your new plans!

    • If you have horses you no longer want, you can send them to the Reclaimable Horses account in the same way you'd normally sell it.
    • You can change your stable prefix here
    • You can change your main site name yourself but you will need to use this form to change your forum name to match.

  • @Elsie-Spectre Thank you so much! I filled out both and now we wait!

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