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    This has been long overdue! I've been on this forum for 9 months and I still haven't introduced myself... hhh hides in corner.

    About Us

    Since the beginning we breed quality American Quarter Horses and American Paint Horses, which are known for their responsive, calm and still resistant nature. For our horses we try to provide the most comfortable home, including big stalls with paddocks and huge pastures. Encouraging a natural living, we aim to lower the susceptibility to diseases, increase their immune system and offer them a lot of movement. This way they stay in a perfect and healthy shape, are easy to handle when riding and stay relaxed in most situations.

    Our ranch is located in the beautiful state Montana. It's placed between a calming river and a chain of mountains. Surrounded by woods and open fields, it offers great ways to go for a ride and will warm every horse lovers heart. There is still some construction work to do, but most of it is already set. We soon hope to open up our stud and boarding services again!

    More information to us can be found on our Website.

    The Ranch
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    The Staff
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    The Horses


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    My beloved Spoony! BVR Smart Spoon might not be easy to ride and is a very powerful stallion but his true nature is very kind.
    Chestnut AQH Stallion

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    Our pure black AQH stallion BVR Midnight Rush. Very calm when being ridden. Black AQH Stallion

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    BVR Cool Leviator... ahh I have been in love with this boy since the first time I laid my eyes on him. Dark Bay Splash AQH Stallion

  • Your facilities are amaaaaazing!! Same goes for your editing hnggggg :heart_eyes: I can’t wait to see what else you post <3

  • Wow, everything is amazing and your editing :heart_eyes: Can't wait to see more!

  • Thank you so much! I can't wait to show you more :smile: <3

  • Wasen't sure if we were allowed to post :sweat_smile:
    Your facilities look great. They have such a nice atmosphere. And I love the look of your horses. They have a really nice confirmation and the coats look gorgeous. That bay is to die for.

  • @Jase-Sunshine Oh you are very much welcome to comment :smile: I didn't know I had to authorize it first :open_mouth:
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment <3 as soon as we have finished all of our construction work, there will be more pictures of our facilities, horses and daily life! :innocent:

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    BVR Bullet Colt our dun AQH stallion in the early morning <3 He is the most playful one, I tried some ground work today, but he just kept wandering off, trying to encourage me to play with him. Especially the ball which was outside of the arena got his attention.
    This is him, asking me to finally get the ball inside the arena :joy:

  • Banned

    Aww, you can‘t say no to this cute eyes!

  • I got a beautiful baby from Cool Levitator. One day I will need a "Bullet Colt" colt :D
    And then combine the two lineages (that is if they arent related xD )

    Hes so cute and handsome at the same time!

  • @Hilda-Wilson I hope he won't look at me like that when I'm giving out some treats! :joy:

    @Kody-Böhming They aren't related, I would actually love to see what comes out then :open_mouth: Colt already has a super cute filly called BVR Shiny Moon from @Eric-Varnheim. I'm sure he will give us some more pretty foals :blush:

    @Breanna-Fahnestock Thank you! <3 Hahaha the next foal born on my ranch will be Ramonas Spoon :joy:

  • So nice to see you here too! I am so in love with those two fillies after two of your gorgeaus boys! They are doing great! Can't wait to take the first ride on them :heart:

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock Yes it was Ramonas Spoon :joy: I finally need to breed her haha

    @Eric-Varnheim I am truly happy they found such a nice home, where they can have fun growing up <3 and I'm sure these two will be good working horses to you :blush:

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    Our first SEA mare! Named after the Egyptian goddess of fertility and motherhood, we hope KS Isis will pave the way for a perfect start in breeding Straight Egyptian Arabians and arabian crossbreeds. As long as the other facilities are under construction this lovely lady will stay with us. It was nice to see her working off after her arrival and we are sure she will enjoy the time at our ranch.

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  • What a lovely mare! I love the shade of grey on her :heart:

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  • I'm completely in love with this picture, your editing looks so natural and I just adore it <3

  • Oh, how you tempt me so. This blog alone makes me want stocks again :broken_heart: They're just so lovely! Aaaaaaaa

    And your editing -- No words needed, that tail says it all. :smirk:

  • Replies:
    @Annalena-Voigt Thank you! While creating her I really fell in love with her whole conformation and color :heart:

    @Eowyn-Vance Thank you Eowyn! I was actually a bit scared of how my editing would turn out after such a long break
    but I had so much fun editing this photo and I'm glad you like it :hugging: <3

    @Luke-Teth I can't deny that stocks are amazing :smirk: and thank you so much Luke <3 I really need to update this blog more often!

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    Oh my dear Spoony

    I just...
    I don't know... I just love to watch him.
    to see him enjoying life .
    to see him racing against the wind.
    to make me forget all the problems in life for just a moment.

    Oh my dear Spoony,
    thank you for inspiring me every day~

  • No words, relaly , just.... amazing edition <3

  • Well isn't he just livin' life!

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