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    • Please do not severely edit the conformation of the horse. You may, however, make minor tweaks for posing purposes or things such as conditioning and pregnancy.
    • Base coat color and markings cannot be changed. Replacement markings may be used, shine/shade can be added/subtracted. All I ask is that you do not alter the horse so much so that it is unrecognizable (for example, if the horse has a blaze, you can change the blaze, but please do not remove it).
    • I will not be hunting for markings for you, sorry.
    • Do not remove my prefix
    • Payment must be received before any files are transferred.
    • Please keep this horse active and showing.
    • Please notify me if you intend to sell the horse so I can keep track of it.


    EWE Into Infinity

    -Foundation x Foundation
    -Show Jumping (51 pts) | Dressage (81 pts)
    -SB: $8,000

    EWE Into Infinity has been with us for a while now. She is extremely talented in the dressage ring, exemplifying the grace and quality expected of her breed. Unfortunately, I'm moving away from dressage and need to rehome her. I would prefer to see her go to a show home to at least receive her State Champion dressage title, but I would be satisfied if she was retired to the life of a broodmare. Infinity is a king, sweet mare who is good with children and willing to please.

    More Images | Includes CAS

    EWE Priam

    -WD Outta My Sky x RN Triple Kill (GER)
    -4th generation
    -Receives +8 in Show Jumping and +6 in eventing
    -SB: $8,000
    Priam was sired by WD Outta My Sky, by HRST Rassparo, international show jumping champion. She receives +8 in show jumping and +6 in eventing, and comes with a main site profile and is already registered. I intended to keep her, but I realized I have quite a few grey horses. Please keep this mare active; she has good potential and I would love to see her excel. You may change her disciplines.

    More Images | Includes CAS

    EWE Achilles

    -SB: $3,000

    I intended to race Achilles, but decided I don't really need any more flat racers at the moment. He was just too pretty to let sit in my sim bin, so I offer him to you. Achilles (You may change his name, please keep my prefix of EWE) is a flashy, bright chestnut, with a great heart and a need for speed. You may change his discipline, he does not have to be raced. If you do not race him, you may change his physique to sporting form instead of racing form. This stallion comes with a custom facial marking!

    More Images | Includes CAS


    Current Bids:

    • EWE Into Infinity: SB (Borja Domecq)
    • EWE Priam: SB (Levi Rosenthal)
    • EWE Achilles: SB (Blake Bellanaris)

  • EWE Into Infinity SB$ :heart: I need this mare!

  • EWE Priam - SB

  • Administrators

    EWE Achilles SB! I always need more racers!

  • Competition Committee

    All accepted ^_^

  • Competition Committee

    All three have been sold. Please send payments, files will go out this afternoon. Thank you all!

  • @Heather-Tann Great ! Payment sent ;)

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