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  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Selene Silvetti, I've been trying to register on this forum for weeks. Almost three months now. I have tried to register and the forum used to tell me that the format was wrong. (For example: I needed a space or no space, then I needed a number or character ect). Now I am able to properly input my information but when I click agree to terms and then submit, it says the email address is already linked to an account. So, I go click on login and use any credentials I've tried to register with before and it says that there is no account with those login credentiials. I'm needing some serious help with this. No one can help and no one has any answers for me.

    Selene S.

  • PR Committee

    It looks like you're currently in the queue, but I have to deny your registration again because it is not in the proper format. Your username must be in the format Firstname Lastname. Selene Silvetti would be a proper username. I've deleted your request so you should have no trouble registering.

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