Game freezes

  • Just keep having an endless list of problems - thank you sims!

    So my save file was working fine before. I load up the save, enter the cheats, move around, click "teleport here" and the game just freezes... but it doesn't crash - the screen freezes (plants and trees are still waving around), i cant exit, i cant click on the options menu, cant click //anything//...
    ctrl, alt, delete and close the game that way (clicking the X doesnt work either).

    Load it up a second time, the save allows me to move the camera etc, but again, I click the play button to take the time off pause, and the screen freezes, just like last time.

    Have duplicated the save, issue happens on both saves.

    Any ideas??

  • Is it the world? I was testing a world I made and it kept freezing. When I modified it in CAW, it stopped freezing. :thinking: It might also be routing issues. You can try clearing all situations with NRaas (if you can get to town hall without the game freezing, that is) and see if that works? Good luck!

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe It's a custom world made by myself, I've never had this issue with all my other worlds though :O I don't have a town hall in the world though :S

  • Just add one on a lot, or use the rabbit hole rugs (I think they’re on mts). You can even use Nraas (Overwatch) on town hall to do a total reset of the town.

    Another thing you can do is maybe clean your sims’ inventories? I had some issues where some sims would be carrying everything that should be in the fridge, and the game would freeze bc they had so much stuff. You can also use NRaas (Debug Enabler) to do this, instead of manually deleting each object. :slight_smile:

  • Freezing like that is usually caused by a stuck sim. Use Master controller to reset your town. You don't have to have a town hall you can do it from a computer. Just click on the computer and choose the NRAAS Menu and you can acess master controller and all of its options there. Reset town is under the Town menu. Just do not unpause your game before you reset everything. If it is a stuck sim then it should fix it but if there is an issue causing it it will likely occur again. Wild horses, the ones generated by the game, often get stuck and cause this issue. I use NRAAS register to remove them and stop the game from making more. I had this problem a few months ago and ended up having to make a new save because the issue kept happening.

  • @Skye-Valens @Alexa-la-Coupe Thank you both! It now seems to be stuck "processing" after resetting town :o guess new save is only fix..?

  • Yeah it sounds like you have a corrupted save so your best bet is probably to make a new save at this point.

  • @Skye-Valens Left it running while I went to my horse, seems to be working now (finished processing), just need to see if its actually worked aha

  • Yay! The reset takes a while if you have a lot of stuff in your town. Glad its working for you :)

  • @Skye-Valens Thank you for your help - didn't know you could access some of the town nraas settings through a computer aha :) But yes, all seems to be working fine now!

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