Google Sheets Formula help needed (Fixed)

  • I've been modifying my records sheet (as i am bound to do) and need some advice on a formula i am using to import my horses show histories onto their lookup. The formula works great for if the horse has two disciplines, but will return an array literal error if the horse has only one discipline. I have no idea what to do as I've tried everything i can think of and would love some advice on ways to make it work correctly.

    Here is the link to my sheet for those who would like to take a look. If it currently set to one of my horses with only one discipline.

    If anyone would like to take a crack at fixing it, please message me and i will give you editing permissions. I have the current formula saved.

  • Fixed! Elsie is magic and assisted with the syntax issue i was having. Please feel free to take a look and see what she did!

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