[Wanted] Horse Remake

  • So I've decided on it and would love it if someone would be willing to make my lease horse for me in game.

    Roans are not my strong point so I am opening this up to someone else.

    Custom markings aren't desired but if you want to you can make a custom marking for her.

    MAX I WILL PAY: $15,000
    Red Roan Quarter Horse Mare

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    I cannot get anymore pictures she currently is on a 60 day rest due to tearing her back right ligament and I am currently not visiting her until she is better.

  • If you've got a fullbody picture (so I can see her confo) I'd be willing to give her a shot :)

  • @Lindsey-Warren Maci is giving it a go(she messaged via slack)

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