[Ends When Sold] Rosewood's Spring Downsize - New Addition

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    Rosewood Center Spring Downsize
    Ends When Sold

    There's not much to say here. I've decided to do a quick downsize so I can better focus on the breeds/disciplines I've taken in over the last several months. There will be many breeds and disciplines available and all horses are registered on the main site with many being titled. There is no activity requirement and you do not have to let me know if you sell the horse unless I request otherwise (because some of these are hard to part with)! All horses have been updated if they needed it. If past owners would like a certain horse back, please let me know!

    Pictures are taken with Reshade but otherwise unedited.

    Crimson´s Angel Dream - SOLD
    18.5 Year Old Grey Foundation Hanoverian Mare
    Competing in Dressage, Danzatore (III), 146 Points
    Asking $15,000 obo

    SAEC Enyo - SOLD
    ( SAEC Eros II x SAEC The Unbreakable )
    7.5 Year Old Bay 2nd Gen Hanoverian Mare
    Competing in Eventing, Track Rookie (II), 50 Points, and Dressage, L'étoile (II), 51 Points
    Asking $15,000 obo

    RGES Cathmor Torin-Sold
    7 Year Old Buckskin Foundation Andalusian Stallion
    Competing in Dressage, L'étoile (II), 51 Points
    Asking $7,500 obo

  • If you will be selling any RFE horses lemme know :) Keeping an eye on this!

  • Oh dear, both of them are so tempting!

  • That gray is stunning

  • PR Committee

    Both have been sold! I'll have more horses up later this weekend.

  • PR Committee

    New horse added!

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