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    Ooh new formatting, give me two months and I might be able to use it properly. I'll put a proper introduction here at some point.. I mean I probably will.

    So welcome to Quill Moaney, a yard full of spindly legged warmbloods and the occasional shaggy cob. Our horses are pretty much all eventers and show-jumpers, but recently we have started focusing on dressage as well. The majority of everything we own is young, inexperienced and partial to the occasional bronc but our team has high hopes for them all.

    0_1486079809603_The Boys 2.png

    Alexis Jordan and QM The Alchemist (Left) having a chat with Claire Underhill on QM The Collector (Right) after a morning ride

    0_1486082721569_Toxic Header.png

    Silver's Intoxicating watching the sunrise whilst loose in the main arena

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    *Katalyn Ingliston is our newest, and youngest rider. She dropped out of school at the age of 16 to pursue her dream of becoming a top Event rider and came to Quill Moaney after cornering me in the warm up at a local show and giving me a link to her website. After this exchange she proceeded to front flip off her pony into a water tray, do a last minute entry into the next class and then beat an impressive field of rather expensive warmbloods.. on a half cob. Needless to say she had my attention.

    We employed her as a working pupil and paired her with the very unlucky but very honest QM Little Trinketry. So far the partnership is blooming, and they even managed to get into the placings at the last Show Jumping event.*

  • QM Little Trinketry is so pretty. Love me a nice bay!

  • Very pretty pictures :)

  • haha, oh gosh, I love Katalyn already!

  • I love the first picture! The colours are so nice :smile:

  • @Quinn-Monroe @Jester-Coleman @Angeles-Dunn @Zinnia-Arvi Thank you all for your lovely comments!

    After some thought we've decided to take a little break from breeding and instead put all of our focus onto the youngsters. Our jumping teams have rapidly expanded and I'm now really happy with the horses we currently have competing.

    alt text

    One such youngster is Delilah HW (out of QM Hecate and @Johanna-Masters stallion Da Hussler REC). As a four year old she's still very green, but she's had some very good placings at her first few Eventing shows and is now close to her first title. Avery Clement is her chosen rider and has to put up with all her nibbling and general nosiness.

    alt text

    We really don't give this lovely mare enough credit. We bought FWEC Zentoria at the end of last September and with her rider Claire Underhill, they've won their class at Roaring Heights; gained 70 points and been awarded the title of State Champion.
    Claire doesn't like to jump her horses too much at home but after a long winter off we thought it best to get Zentoria sharpened up and ready for the season.

    Sidenote: There's so many edits on this post because I cannot for the life of me get the sizing right :joy:

  • PR Committee

    So glad to see Delilah active and doing well! Da Hussler comes from a line of successful horses so it's great to see his offspring carry on in his footsteps.

  • @Johanna-Masters I'm so happy with her, she's even doing better than some of my older horses in competitions xD

    alt text

    QM No Adrenaline narrowly misses QM Ophelia's back legs as they're turned out as a pair for the first time. Both mare's are part of our 2nd Gen Eventing team.

    alt text

    Back to Dressage training with our leading foundation mare QM The Aristos. She's had a disappointing start to the season and luck just hasn't been on her side, be it clipping poles in the Show Jumping or having transition mistakes in the Dressage. Alexis has a lot of time invested in this mare so we're hoping for Aristos to regain her footing as the season progresses.

    alt text

    BV Make a Vow is the third in our trio of foundation stallions. We bought him from Dulcie Franklin last year and he's proven to be a lovely addition to the yard. He has Regional titles in Eventing and Dressage and is usually ridden by Magnus Buchanan.

  • Pahaha I relate to the first sentence in your blog xD

    I love the different lighting in your pictures, it really brings unique feeling to every update. (the picture of Katalyn - :raised_hands: ) BV Make a Vow seem to be a nice purchase, he's stunning!

  • @Merida-Dahmer Wow thank you so much for commenting! I literally only found out yesterday how to centre an image and it's only been nearly three months since the change, the struggle goes on :laughing:

    I am on a roll these past two days. I thought I'd do a little show feature partly because I miss the Traditional shows so much and partly because the most unlucky horse I own actually won its class and I am shook.

    alt text

    "Katalyn for the last time, you need to get that horse sitting back otherwise you're going to take half the course down with you." ~ Claire Underhill approx. two minutes before Kat entered the ring

    This was their first Level 3 class together and with Trinket's notorious bad luck putting a damper on their new relationship, Kat was desperate to win. She was a good rider, fast and cocky against the clock, but her hell for leather attitude often came at the cost of falling poles.

    At the time she'd been happy with her assigned horse. Trinket was a smart Hanoverian with good breeding and a minor addiction to polo mints. However the mare had been written off the core jumping teams after four months of eliminations and seemed destined for an early retirement.

    They'd been to a couple of local shows and placed roughly mid-field. But to the teenager with everything to prove, that wasn't enough. So when they finally chased down that elusive victory on a dreary Thursday morning, the red rosette seemed to burn even brighter against the black leather of her horse's bridle.

  • I've been making an effort to get at least one photo of each horse into my blog, so here are two more of my fur babies.

    alt text

    Brandy Moore seems to have finally settled into life at Quill Moaney. She spent the winter overcoming her fear of jumping and fine-tuning her main ride, QM The Odyssey. Her mentor, Magnus, insists that she's got the ability to start her Eventing career and has entrusted her with two more jumping horses with a secondary in Dressage.

    Odyssey is her counterpart, calm and steady with a deeply held reluctance to move into fifth gear. The mare is unruffled by fillers or a busy show atmosphere and is content to sleep by the trailer whilst her nervous rider triple checks her Dressage test. They're well matched and even out each other's flaws.

    alt text

    Our golden Hanoverian, QM The Alchemist. He's an integral part of the breeding programme and one of our most established competition horses. Being Alexis' top horse gives him a small fan club on the yard so he's constantly being fussed over by passers-by.

  • Oh, my baby is still with you! Im so glad :)
    Amazing horsies <3

  • The Alchemist :heart_decoration: I am too soft for horses of this color! He looks in awesome shape!

  • @Natalie-Sans Thank you Natalie, I'm still just as in love with Zentoria as when I bought her. I'll never sell her haha
    @Lidija-Rotherford Thank you Lidija! I actually hadn't intended featuring him in that update but he looked so good chilling in his field I couldn't resist.

    My first Combined entry is done and dusted. I thought I'd show off the first horse I ever created on Equus because he's come on leaps and bounds over the last year - QM The Collector. I have a few more entries to finish off over the next few days so prepare yourselves for more Show Jumping action!

    alt text

    Finally they were back on form. QM The Collector was Claire’s main ride and of late he seemed to be struggling. The courses were getting bigger and more technical and the little Hanoverian stallion just wasn’t meeting the competition.

    However today it seemed like her horse could do no wrong. Without so much as touching a pole he produced two clear rounds and although they may not have had the fastest jump off, it was good enough to a earn 3rd place. For his next appearance he’ll be competing at Level 7.

  • Part 2 of the Show Jumping, with the R shows luck goes both ways! @Jasmine-O-Connell sorry the first proper update of your girl in her new home is of her galloping across an arena riderless, she's doing well here... I promise :joy:

    Iris Lancaster and Monachyle's Siren's Curse at Level 3

    alt text

    Iris was nearing her third month of riding for Quill Moaney. She’d initially been constantly swapping horses as Alexis worked out who would suit her best. One of the horses who seemed to have stuck was a new leaser from @Callixta-Rosella, Monachyle’s Siren’s Curse.

    The KWPN stallion was a seasoned Eventer who had just started his Show Jumping career and Iris simply loved having a ride who knew his job. As much as she enjoyed riding the youngsters there’s something reassuring about being on a horse who isn’t going to freak at a water mat. The Gumtree Classic passed uneventfully for her and they had a reasonably successful outing, claiming a respectable Fifth place and producing two steady, clear rounds.

    Avery Clement taking a fall with Silver's Intoxicating at Level 3

    alt text

    They both came down in a crash, the horse falling to her knees and Avery tipping over her shoulder. Humiliating and painful. Very painful.

    “Oh and a big fall for Avery Clement with Silver’s Intoxicating. They’re going to be disappointed with that one.” A pause as everyone watched him stagger to his feet, “Looks like they’re both going to be fine, give them a round of applause folks.”

    If there’s anything worse than doing the horseless walk of shame, it’s doing it to applause. Avery forced a horrible grin to his face and waved off the medics. By the exit he could see Alexis had recaptured his mount and was checking the mare over.

    “She’s fine, just a little shaken. Try not to do that again.” Alexis told him as she passed over the reins. She knew better than to berate him, he was beating himself up enough already. “Here I’ll give you a leg up. Pop a few of the warm up jumps and then walk her, we’re not ending it on that note.”

    They were still a new partnership, things had to go wrong at some point.

  • PR Committee

    I just saw this in the entry, thank you so much for spoiling Siren with some picture time! he has done amazingly well with you, I can't get over how many points he has now! <3

  • Oh no! Haha I'm glad to see nobody was hurt! I love all of your pictures! Toxic looks great! 😂

  • Ouch ouch xD I fell off in a show (RL) and it was also a shame haha

  • @Callixta-Rosella I'm glad you liked it! I really enjoyed doing his edit, he's so pretty! :heart: And he always does so well in the shows, puts the rest of my horses to shame haha

    @Jasmine-O-Connell Thank you Jasmine! Aside from this little blip Toxic is actually doing pretty well in the comps, I love having her so thank you for letting me buy her :smile:

    @Lidija-Rotherford I know right! Falling's always a double whammy because you've got crushing disappointment and heavy bruising. Usually makes a good story tho haha

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