Quill Moaney [SSH Barbatos 05/12]

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    "You can't keep leaving their doors open, Jess"
    "She respects me, she wouldn't dare..."

    This blue eyed gal was a recent gift from @Callixta-Rosella :heart: She adds some spice into our majority bay Show Jumping team and is ridden by the blindly trusting Jessica Nockton.

  • Great looking pons you have there :heart:

  • Just Humans, No Horses Today

    I think I love these photos because they’re spontaneous, unposed and unstaged. Two old friends teetering on tipsiness at their local pub, slow dancing to the disapproving stares of old farmers.

    Eve wearing heels just so she can stare him in the eye, a mistake on her part as now she can barely walk. James laughing at her clumsiness, the responsibility of keeping them both standing falling to him.

    No horses today, just two of the staff, individuals who between them are responsible for the welfare of all of our new arrivals and fledgling Eventers. James Whitby and Evelyn Moore, friends before the madness of Quill Moaney, snatching an hour from the week to remember they're still human.

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  • i love the writing you paired with the pictures ❤️ i always enjoy reading about the life behind people’s stables, and the way you described their humanness was perfect 💯

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe thank you for being so kind, I struggle to get words onto a page so it was lovely to see your comment :heart:

    Sensible Beauty REC and Katalyn Ingliston

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    p.s please look at the horse and not at my lazy af editing

    This is Beauty's debut in my album, she's only been with me for a short while and is a recent purchase from @Breanna-Fahnestock! We are very excited to finally own a REC horse and hope she will have a bright show jumping career ahead of her.

    Also life update: I finally have a working game, like it actually loads without me having to minimise the screen forty million times!!! This is a whole new world, after two years I finally see the light :joy: Now to rebuild and update all my ponies, I'm planning on selling a few more over the coming weeks (just need to get their pics taken first).

  • QM Signs of Life and Thomas O'Reilly

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    Introducing our most colourful boy, QM Signs of Life, otherwise known as Sen. He's been to a couple of shows (with no degree of success) and much prefers lazing in a field than doing an form of actual work. Thomas is in charge of his education and the pressure is on him to get Sen to a level where he can be used for Stud.

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    hahaha I shall never properly edit again, this trash is my life now

    So I am officially in love with this horse, he recently arrived from @Danielle-Maddox and competes in Show Jumping and Puissance. He's still a baby, recently backed and has competed at a couple local shows (an update to follow). He's not confident yet and is still very unbalanced in the canter, leading to a lot of bucking and changing behind. On one hand I want to throw him out to grow up but on the other I need to take more photos haha

  • PR Committee

    Barbatos looks fantastic with you! He certainly takes after Baphomet's side! Can't wait to see him grow up into a fine young man! Good luck with him!

  • What a beauty 😍

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