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  • New horses for sale


    • Do not list the coat, template, marking or horse up for public download.
    • Shade & Shine tweaking is allowed however coat is not.
    • You may change mane & tail style but not colour.
    • Stallions may be gelded.
    • You may breed but no over breeding.
    • If you want to sell please notify be first in case i would like to purchase back.
    • I must receive the first update within 2 weeks so i know you got the horse in alright. After that at least once every 2 months is fine.
    • Please tag me in the updates.
    • If you do breed, if you sell the offspring please let me know as i might buy it :)
    • All horses do not have a set price. You are to make a reasonable offer. Not reasonable offers will be ignored.
      -if you disobey these rules the horse comes back to me and you are no longer allowed to purchse a horse or breeding, import from me.

    How To Apply:

    • Please Pm me with the horses name and tell me about your barn and plans for this horse. Be creative! First in best dressed does not apply. The person with the best home & reasonable offer gets the horse.

    Horses For Sale:

    WSP Spotted Love
    8yo appaloosa mare.
    Great jumper & broodmare
    comes with custom marking
    0 points
    highest offer above 13k!
    more photos upon request :)
    0_1525481602681_Screenshot-194.jpg !


    sold to @Blake-Bellanaris
    Mule - donkey x australian stock horse.

    Great trail/pleasure horse! Benji has had some basic western training but is still able to take up an english discipline. A very kind boy & loves cuddles!

    Benji does get a little separation anxiety, therefor he will need another horse in his paddock for a mate weather that's a little pony or a horse :)

    comes with custom marking.
    0 points
    highest offer above 13k!
    More photos upon request :)

    0_1525481811081_Screenshot-328.jpg 0_1525481839140_Screenshot-258.jpg !

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    That mule! :heart_eyes:

  • Do they have mane sites?

  • The mule is so awesome!

  • WSP Spotted Love is stunning! <3

    Also, do we pm offers or just post offers?

  • Mule sold to @Blake-Bellanaris

  • WSP Kissin' Golden Pebbles

    3yo APH Sooty/burnt buckskin tobiano colt.
    Tank has amazing colouring and conformation to become an outstanding show horse in any western discipline you decide. Tank has done a whole heap of natural horsemanship work, groundwork and has been professionally float trained so will self load with no troubles. Has recently had his teeth and feet done. Tank is a very energetic horse so i would prefer him to go to a home where he will get worked at least 3 times a week. I am still in the progress in breaking him in but all is going fantastic. Taking it slow & steady as he is still young. I have sat on him and have walked him around bitless. Tank can easily lunge with or without a lunge line. He loves a good brush & loves the bath, will always try to shove his face in front of the hose. Tank is a quick learner so won't take much to get him properly broken in.

    0 points
    custom marking
    Best offer!
    Pm me with your plans, be creative and your offer! :)


    WSP Got Me Goin' { SOLD }

    3yo APH Seal bay tobiano filly.
    Cheesy is a very loving young girl. With gorgeous markings she will surely win you ribbons & trophies. Cheesy is not broken in however has had a saddle on her back. She was very calm and didn't do anything wrong. She is currently in work getting lunged 4 - 5 times a week. She isn't your smoochy & cuddle horse as it annoys her a little but it gives her character. She doesn't like getting her legs touched for some reason however we are in the middle of working on that. She doesn't kick she will just lift her legs and try to get away from you. She loves men and men love her. My husband Jordan is struggling to part with her but with a few youngsters in our hands we do not have time to ride all.

    0 points
    custom marking
    Best offer!
    Pm me with your plans, be creative and your offer! :)

    0_1526217216689_Screenshot-416.jpg 0_1526217218923_Screenshot-417.jpg 0_1526217221644_Screenshot-414.jpg 0_1526217230871_Screenshot-397.jpg !

    Both of them together <3


  • WSP Kissin' Golden Pebbles sold too @Kaeleb-VanFalk

    WSP Got Me Goin' sold too @Breanna-Fahnestock

  • 3 horses coming soon!! stay tuned!

    Please read my main post for rules and how to apply

    WSP Goldin' Smoked Pearls {SOLD}
    4yo AQH Colt
    Blaze is a lovely fresh blank canvas for someone looking for a good trainable horse. Balze has only been undersaddle for now 8 months and has done standard basic flatwork. He has done many trail rides and has been introduced to many things such as cars, tractors, dogs, children and a heap of livestock. Blaze would turn out into an amazing reiner or cattle working horse. He has quick fast movement and goes into walk, trot and canter without hesitant. Blaze is still a colt however can still be gelded. He can be paddocked with geldings as he is really friendly and does prefer company.

    0 points
    not registered
    custom face marking
    10k & above

    0_1526381741148_Screenshot-427.jpg 0_1526381744149_Screenshot-428.jpg 0_1526381746725_Screenshot-429.jpg

    WSP Golden Pearls {SOLD}
    3yo AQH Colt
    Blue is the full brother of WSP Goldin' Smoked Pearls. A year younger and already surprising us all at Woodside Park. Blue has just been broken in last month and has already done so much. Doing amazing in walk and trot but we are still working on the canter. Blue is very cheeky and if you ignore him he will bite you gently to get your attention. Blue is a horse which needs to have company or toys in his paddock to pay with. He has a toy ball which he loves to throw around as well as a gelding of mine who he plays with as well. He tends to pull off small branches/sticks out of the trees and throws them around. He is fine with cars however not okay with other animals as he does not get how big he is and tries to play. He chases the dogs and goes nuts when he sees some cattle or sheep. Blue would best be suited to a home where he will get a lot of attention. Was a difficult decision to sell his guy as i have gotten a little attached. Best homes only.

    0 points
    not registered
    8k & above
    0_1526382192109_Screenshot-431.jpg 0_1526382194562_Screenshot-432.jpg 0_1526382197271_Screenshot-430.jpg

    WSP Smoked Mocha {SOLD}
    10yo AQH Mare
    Mocha has been with us for awhile now. She is a half sister to the colts with a different father. Mocha has been used as a trailriding mount as she is very quiet and trustworthy. She has had many beginners ride her and has helped them learn to ride. She however does change a little to her riders ability but nothing bad. Will just be a little more forward moving. She has been in the topsy ring with a little girl and won the dressup competition. Mocha is easy to do anything with, groom, wash, lead, tie, trim, float, you name it she can do it! She does have the capability to become a competition horse but i have not had the time to compete with her. Mocha would be best suited to anyone! Best homes only.

    0 points
    not registered
    custom face marking
    10k & above
    0_1526382500507_Screenshot-433.jpg 0_1526382503233_Screenshot-434.jpg 0_1526382505505_Screenshot-435.jpg

  • WSP Goldin' Smoked Pearls and WSP Golden Pearls sold too @Eric-Varnheim

  • WSP Flashy Dancer
    4yo APH Colt

    Scooba does have 1 white ear therefor his hearing isn't amazing. Very sweet boy. Is a "One rider" Horse. Western trained, would make great allrounder, trail, reining.

    0_1527990192986_33901945_141812396679201_2670738951030964224_n.jpg 0_1527990195012_33988283_141812390012535_8333617175772266496_n.jpg

    More pics upon request

  • Banned

    @Porsha-Hunt Hi! I would be interested in him! How much are you selling him for?

  • @Theresa-Lakes If you would of read my sales rules you would know....

    Please always read the sales rules before applying.

  • Banned

    @Porsha-Hunt Ahh, my mistake very sorry.

  • WSP Stylish Patches

    6yo APH bay mare.
    Broken in as a 4yo Grace has done 2 years of work undersaddle. Small local shows and clinics. Grace is an ideal competition horse for any western discipline. She is small, stocky & fast. Easy to do anything with however she is girthy and a pain to catch when in a large paddock.

    0 points
    custom markings
    best reasonable offer

    0_1529806460804_Screenshot-23.jpg 0_1529806462810_Screenshot-24.jpg

    WSP Flashy Time


    8yo APH mare.
    Small but mighty this girl with surely please you. Done small local shows & clinics and done much cattle work. She is quick & chunky. Has been doing cattle work for the past couple of months with our neighbour who breeds cows. She would suit anyone for any western discipline.

    0 points
    custom marking
    reasonable offer

    if offer is not reasonable you will be ignored. average offer is above 10k

    0_1529810282721_Screenshot-25.jpg 0_1529810284838_Screenshot-26.jpg

  • This post is deleted!


    All have custom markings but 1, no set price so comment best offer. All have 0 points.

    0_1532514277134_Screenshot-29.jpg 0_1532514282454_Screenshot-49.jpg 0_1532514286899_Screenshot-67.jpg

    Also have 2 solid bay mares, 1 seal bay & 1 dark blood bay. Pics upon request.
    comment for info on a horse.

  • Do you have anymore pics of that bay splash?

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