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  • I everyone,

    Yes i'm comeback knew me under the old name of pessa farm but i'm back

    Here comeback too Samoa

  • PESSOA FARMS - 05/05/18

    After a long month of absence, we are back, and during these long months many things have changed.

    Sandro PF our head stud and his young son Iota PF were sold to our partner and trusted friend, Lidija Rotherford. We know that down our horses are in good company.

    Our mare Kita, she was sold from another site. today we still have the last son of Sandro, it is our young stallion Samoa 4 years that everyone knows, our little star stables.

    today is the big day our young stallion is ready for his first outing in competition, after long winter training, we feel ready to enter competitions.

    This is Christina Lindblad, who organizes the "Högbo Jumping Cup I". for this event, our Samoa stallion will be entered in the level 1 class Puddle, with our rider and owner of the Pessoa farm, Nina Ricchi.

    We wish them a good luck is a good first course.

  • Banned

    A warm welcome back to you Nina! <3

  • @Hilda-Wilson said in Pessoa Farm - welcome back:

    A warm welcome back to you Nina!

    oohh thank you Hilda <3

  • 05/05/18 - Högbo Jumping Cup I - Show jumping first competition -

    First big outing in competition for my young stallion Samoa.
    here in Level 1 in Puddle class

    Nina's reaction about Samoa : it's a great first for him, he discovered the competition today, the conditions are superb, have a sun, it is hot but not too much, an ideal time for a competition outside. so you know it's a bit special, nevertheless he was great, attentive, at work, attentive to my requests , he has to respect what I ask him to do, to work calmly, to remain calm after every jump, it is often difficult for young horses of his age, but overall we did really well, I I'm proud of him.

    0_1525535365210_Samoa 05-05-18-2.png
    0_1525533753838_Samoa 05-05-18.png

  • Beautiful Samoa! Welcome back!

  • @Lidija-Rotherford : ooohh thank you, I can not wait to see them Sandro and Iota :) <3

  • Yeah !! I'm so excited with your return, I missed seeing your wonderful horses and especially Samoa!! :) :) :)

  • @Borja-Domecq : I only have Samoa left, the others have been sold

  • Pessoa Farm - 06/05/18 -

    Short morning walk after the efforts of the day before, I took a good half hour over time to go walking with Samoa near the competition grounds. The air is cool this morning is foggy, but it does not prevent us from enjoying the tranquility of the morning before the resumption of the competition for the next level of the day, I continue to walk him for half an hour, after that I'll do this, and leave him alone the rest of the day while I watch the other riders in the competition. I also know that @Lidija-Rotherford participates with Sandro I look forward to seeing them at work., while waiting for our result.



    Reactions of Nina Ricchi after the lap of honor:

    "Remember the answer I gave, the day before, my stallion is I made a first release in cso this weekend, today is the result.
    Samoa finished 4th out of the 10 starters in the series. This is an excellent perf for my young stallion. he wins 6 points and a gain of $ 120. He also seems proud of this result. I am proud of this ranking. Congratulations to him".


  • 07/05/18 - Pessoa Farms -

    back to the stables

    It is a day of rest deserved for Samoa and me after our beautiful 4th place this weekend. We will return to work only tomorrow morning. today is an ideal time to rest and leave Samoa alonein the paddock

    0_1525695595080_03.png .

  • Congratulations for the result!!Samoa has a lot of talent :heart_eyes:

  • @Borja-Domecq : ah ah thank you he holds of his dad

  • Samoa is a killer <3

  • @Katherine-Star-Ackles : what Killer ? why ? no he is just a Winner :)

  • 08/05/18 - Pessoa Farm - Comeback to training..

    awakening this morning, we are far from the climatic conditions of last weekend. The rain, the wind, and the fog were invited this morning around the stables.

    I chose today's work, which will be a flat work to start this week. a work of relaxation, transitions, is a light work after the efforts of this weekend.

    after a good job, Samoa and I have a little stroll at the end of work. a little quiet and relaxed, the air is fresh but bearable .. the mist is present which gives a rather pleasant atmosphere .. some birds begin to sing ..

  • Wooo goo Samoa! Sandro was 3rd in 1.10m class, his son Shere Khan got 2nd place in the 0.90m class and Salem was 8th in the 1,50m class and she is now eligible to compete at Grand Prix! I will get photos today, couldn't have gotten them sooner!

  • @Lidija-Rotherford : Ohh good new congrats for the results with your horses.. Shere Kan and a line of champion <3

  • 09/05/18 - Pessoa Farms -

    a beautiful day begins.
    This morning is a sunny day, after feeding Samoa .. I go back home to have breakfast.
    standing since 6.30 I took the time to wake up quietly. After that, I went to the stables to go feed Samoa, and then I went home to have lunch too. and then went to shower, and finish getting ready for the morning that looks busy in the morning. Once Samoa has finished eating, I open the door of his boxing so he can walk in his paddock while I do his boxing, namely, remove the dung, change the water of his tray , put a bunch of clean chips, and end up with the portion of his daily hay. after his direction the stall to prepare him for work this morning, a light job.

    Here with him.. my boy

  • 9.15 in the covered arena.

    this morning's program, free jumps. A little excercise will do him the greatest good.

    while I am preparing the ground, Samoa falls on him, and lets off steam. it will take twenty good minutes to calm down

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