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    Competition Committee
    Falsterbo Pony Dressage Cup I
    05.06-05.08.2018 11:59 PM EST
    Judged by Anna Hertler


    • All entry fees must be paid in full to the CC PONY DRESSAGE account on the main site for your entry to be processed.
    • Please include the 'Show Name' in the Payment Memo.
    • The system does not accept punctuation in payments at this time. If you put, for example, $50.00 when you send payment, you will be sending $5,000! Just type in $50 with no decimal places. Please pay once for your entire entry, not per horse!
    • Payments must be made by the same member who entered the horse.
    • Horses may not be cross-entered in different levels at the same show.
    • Riders may compete up to two horses in each class.
    • Horses must be registered with the appropriate discipline to be eligible to compete.
    • Member can enter up to 5 horses per level with 50 horses total.
    • If there are more than 14 participants in one class, it will be split. Classes with fewer than 10 participants will have phantom horses added to meet the minimum requirement.
    • Go to the PONY DRESSAGE Leaderboard to check your horse's current level. Horses may enter below their level but those entered above will be disqualified and entry fee confiscated.
    • Error change requests/discipline declarations are not guaranteed to be completed by end of show, especially those submitted on its final day.
    • Undeclared horses will be disqualified and entry fee confiscated.
    • Duplicate entries will result in a DQ and will not be refunded. If the same horse is entered by multiple members, only first entry is taken into account and any following entries will be disqualified.

    Classes & Fees

    • INTRODUCTORY (1): $75 entry fee
    • TRAINING (2): $150 entry fee
    • FIRST LEVEL (3): $225 entry fee
    • SECOND LEVEL (4): $300 entry fee
    • THIRD LEVEL (5): $375 entry fee
    • FOURTH LEVEL (6): $450 entry fee
    • PRIX ST. GEORGES (7): $525 entry fee
    • INTERMEDIARE I (8): $600 entry fee
    • INTERMEDIARE II (9): $675 entry fee
    • GRAND PRIX (10): $750 entry fee

    Entry Card

    Raw entry list
    alt text
    Questions, comments, and entry corrections should be posted as replies to this thread.

  • Moderation Committee

  • Moderation Committee



    • This phase will remain open for 14 days from the time of this post.

    • You can submit any photo, story or a combination photo and story, as long as the entry is original and has not previously been used.

    • Horses need to be entered in the randomized phase to qualify.

    • Horses that have been disqualified may enter and collect points.

    • A total of 5 horses per member can be entered in the Role Play phase.

    • Entries must be submitted via the Roleplay Phase Entry Form to be counted and earn RP Rewards.

    Minimum Requirements

    • Story entries must be at least 300 words long and related to the show or the entry will not be counted. Entries longer than 300 words will not receive extra achievement points.

    • Photos can be inspired by how your horse did in the competition portion of the show or you can do anything related to the show - e.g. arriving at the show, watching a class, etc.


    • One entry will award 2 points (photo or story).

    • If both a picture and story are submitted, 1 extra point is awarded for a possible total of 3 points per horse.

    • Each entry in the Roleplay Phase will award 20 Achievement Points ($1,000 prize money). For more information on Achievement Points please see The Achievement Points Guide


    alt text

    Entries must be submitted via the Roleplay Phase Entry Form to be counted and earn RP Rewards

  • PR Committee

    alt text
    Diemwnt NS
    Training Level, 3rd place


    Deren looked around the crowded arena anxiously, fiddling with the reins nervously whilst Diemwnt remained half asleep at her side, lazily resting one of his back hooves in the compact sand. She'd carelessly forgotten her white gloves and Viia had dashed off towards the small selection of trade-stands and coffee stalls to try and buy some before they were called in for their test. Her parents were sat at the sidelines of the main arena, looking awfully out of place in their pristine suits snobby attitude.
    "Good boy," She ran her fingers through the small pony's bushy mane but he barely looked up. Despite her young age, Deren had a competitive streak that most children her age didn't have; she knew really that Viia and the other adults at the farm knew she had only taken up riding as a sport to please her snobby parents, but she had developed a passion for it and now rode two of the Welsh ponies stabled at Wintermist.
    She spotted Viia darting back towards her, her hands trying to undo the packet of new gloves whilst trying not to trip over her own feet. "Here you go!" She panted, reaching them in a breathless heap of red cheeks and messy hair. "Hey, wake up sleepyhead!" She fondly patted the little pony's neck before glancing around. "I think there's one more before you. I'll give you a leg up - take him for a quick trot around, wake him up. Ready?"
    "Yes -"
    Viia had grabbed her left leg and was already patting Diemwnt's hindquarters to wake him from his nap. Deren nudged him into trot and managed to laps of the arena before she heard the steward shout her name. Viia gave her the thumbs-up and disappeared down the side of the arena to watch as they trotted into the main arena. Diemwnt was one of those true gentlemen that always tried his best, but always did so in the laziest way possible. He had never really excelled at extended his stride or other movements, but nobody ever said a bad word about him. He never acted up, never had the energy to bolt off or buck his rider into the ground so he was a firm favourite with a lot of the young riders at the stables.
    They set off at a steady trot, Deren whispering promises of extra carrots in his evening feed if he did well.

  • PR Committee

    alt text
    Galaeth NS
    Second Level, 9th place


    It was later in the afternoon before Deren's next turn in the arena; this time partnered with headstrong Gully. The black gelding was the complete opposite of reliable Diemwnt; he was more than happy to work and work, repeat certain movements and even please his rider with popping over small jumps setup in the arena back home, but he was always edgy and ready to spring into action. In their first few weeks together Deren had accidentally nudged him too hard and found herself at the opposite end of the arena before she could slow him down.
    "Don't worry if he bucks again," Viia was insanely fond and proud of each pony she owned at the stables and attended every show with them, fighting their corner when the rest of her family began to criticize their long manes and mischievous habits. "And don't stress about your parents."
    Deren sighed heavily. Her parents hadn't been at all pleased with her earlier performance, despite winning a new rosette; they had expected first place from her. They had even turned on Viia, accusing her of not supporting young Deren properly.
    "Mum didn't mean it really..."
    Viia gave her a knowing look, but remained silent as Deren climbed into the saddle. Gully pranced his way towards the warming up arena and Deren tried to push her overbearing parents out of her head as they warmed up. Gully had a smooth stride and it often felt like they just floated around on a cloud. He took a longer warmup time to try and get him focusing properly on what she was asking of him, rather than what the surrounding horses were doing and although she never admitted out loud, everyone knew he was Deren's favourite pony.
    "Stop daydreaming!" Nagini was stood with Viia and Rupert, but her own competitveness had set in and she marched over to where Deren was slowing down. "No wonder he looks like a giraffe right now - you're in cuckoo land."
    "Sorry -"
    "Don't be sorry," Nagini told her. "Be better. Do some more transitions and keep focused - and keep him focused too."
    But despite Nagini's help, Deren rode into the arena and made the fatal mistake of glancing at her parents unpleasant scowls and remained a jittery mess during their turn.

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