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  • Hello, I am Amelia Rose and this blog is about my stable

    Saturday, May 5th
    The strangles virus has been detected at our facilities, it seems one of our horses we leased out to someone contracted the virus and brought it back with them. Currently only two horses have the virus and we hope to contain it so others do not get it.
    Tuesday, February 26th
    After a hiatus from the stable Amelia decided it was time to come back. During her time away her staff was busy training and fighting the strangles virus which we are proud to announce is no longer at our stable. Amelia was shocked to learn one of her beloved team members Sasha suffered a back injury while training a new horse , TJS Popular aka Wicked, the stallion has an attitude that would trump Amelia’s mare Dahlia HTEC. We will keep you updated on the training of the two. Have a good Day!

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