[ENDED] Heidelberg Sales

  • Rules:

    • Don't change the coat color, the horses bodyshape, gender, etc.
    • You are allowed to change shine, mane and tail if you want.
    • If you don't want the horse anymore, please contact me first.
    • I wish that the new owner is active with the horse!
    • Tell me you'r favourite breed! So i know that you have read the rules.
    • I have the right to get a free offspring from the sold horse, whenever I want.
    • Don't put the horse marking up for download!
    • I make the right to choose between buyers.

    alt text

    Application Form:

    Forum Name:
    How many days are you active in a week?:
    Why do you want this horse?:
    What are you going to use the horse for?:
    Link to scrapbook:

    You can send the application in this post, as a DM on slack or a PM here on the forum! :D

    One more horse may come

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