[Wanted] AQH & APH

  • Hi, I want to build out my Stud a bit and add new bloodlines I am looking for APH and AQH should be at least 2. Gen so no foundies please <3 preffered are mares and stallions would also consider geldings with straws all horses will be keept active inon showing on EC & ES.

    Write me here or via PM with Infos and pictures.

    Thank you <3

  • Would you be interested in breedings? I have three APH's I would be willing breed for you. My mare Shade of Diamond has a title in both Halter and Reining, and my other mare OCS Docs Lil Chica is still pending registration last I checked but will be kept active once she is accepted. My stallion HB Gold Rush is not titled yet but is also actively competing.

    Shade of Diamond
    OCS Docs Lil Chica
    HB Gold Rush

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