[RESULTS - June 12] Western Club Dawson County Fair Gymkhana

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    WC Dawson County Fair Gymkhana

    The weather’s warming up and you know what that means, county fairs! Come one, come all, to Dawson Creek’s annual county fair! Enjoy funnel cake, livestock shows, and fast-paced gymkhana events. As before, this challenge will be judged very loosely in terms of the realism, so don’t stress about getting placement just right. Fun for the whole family! Yeehaw!
    Gymkhana is traditionally a children’s event, so seeing some kids out there would be fantastic. However, we also welcome adult competitors. Under-18s should show with helmets for safety.

    Entries should include:

    I’ve made arenas for all thirteen events, which can be downloaded here. It is not required to use these arenas, you can use the diagram linked above to place barrels/poles/etc in the correct positions. I tried to use very minimal custom content, but if you are missing something, please comment in the chatter thread and I will do my best to find it. Additionally, I've created a posepack for low jumps, which might be useful for the hurry scurry.

    Rules/ Guidelines

    • Your work should be your own, no premade tails because these entries will be judged and prized.
    • The picture(s) should be new, no reposting old edits!
    • The horses don’t have to be stocks/arabs, registered in western disciplines, or even registered at all!
    • Please include the name of your horse and rider, the rider’s age, and the event performed.
    • The entry limit is 5 horse/rider pairs per person. Each pair can run multiple patterns and it will still count as one pair.
    • We encourage all of you to sign up for the Western Horse Club to hear about events in the future, but it’s not required to participate.


    All participants will receive a mystery posepack created by me!

    • 1st place will receive $10,000, 8 poses of their choosing, and an import created by Lindsey Warren!
    • 2nd place will receive $7,000, 6 poses of their choosing, and an import created by Lindsey Warren!
    • 3rd place will receive $3,000, 2 face markings, and an import created by Lindsey Warren!
    • Best Teen Rider (Ages 14-18) will receive a full body marking and 4 poses of their choosing!
    • Best Junior Rider (Ages 8-14) will receive 4 face markings

    All of Lindsey’s imports have custom markings! Thanks again, Lindsey!

  • SPH These Ties are Binding and Lachlan Matthews
    19 years old

    Figure 8 Stake
    alt text
    alt text

  • SPH Brebaje de Brujas and Lucia Martinez Castillo
    20 years old

    Figure 8 Stake
    alt text

    alt text

    Bonus: The team getting snow cones at the fair
    alt text

  • PLR Dotted Rhythm and Anna Bennet
    26 years old
    Speed Barrels
    alt text

  • Ada Speer and RL Sheza Perfect Illusion

    21 y/o


    Bild Text

    Her first competition since a long time! Ada was super nervose but also super happy to finally show again in her life. The last time she attended a Gymkhana event she was 7 years old. Then allergies got to strong and school more important, but now she got all that in her past and can continue doing her greatest wish: Working with horses.
    Ada and Doll have prepared for this event two months straight, training all 13 events to figure out what works best for them, and Speedball was one of them. Both, horse and rider had a fantastic feeling of each others speed and body control, so it was almost impossible for Ada not to goal the ball, they work so perfectly in this event.


    Bild Text

    The second event she entered was Hurry Scurry, because Ada alsmost did not need to do anything. This mare loves to jump small obstacles and went this parcourse all on her own, carrying Ada to the finish line and bucking two times to show her playfulness and aloof mood. Ada really loves her companion, Doll. I cant wait to see them actually compete in Reining and Ranch Versatility competitions in the future.

  • Theodore Speer and BVR Levitating Gun

    17 y/o

    Poles I

    Bild Text

    Do I really need to wear a helmet? My hat looks way better!
    Grumpy at first but super excited for his first competition, Theo adjusted the helmets gurt. He loves speed, and Levina, his companion, does too. So he picked two for both easy events they practiced since he began riding four months ago. He had never sat on a horses back before that time, but he was determined to become a good rider and promised himself he always wants to have fun. If the fun stops it wont be right anymore!
    And so they galopped in and took their way inbetween the poles!


    Bild Text

    As a second event he picked, of course, Barrels. Something a bit more challenging as he nedded to take the right turns and had to stay on even in the most tilted turns. But he was full of adrenaline and sprinted through the parcourse. The last barrel was a bit to fast taken, and Levina slid away, but managed to stay on her hooves. Theo had to slow down or they would have missed the barrel, took them a bit of time but still, it was for the fun!

  • Kaitlyn Lewis and CK Ultra Trashy Chic
    26 years old
    Big T
    alt text

    I hadn't planned to show today. I had planned to bring the kids from our foster care program to show, while I took care of some grown up business. Besides, gymkhana is for kids. But leave it to Ryan to bring the inner kid out of me, huh? I was busy preparing Dalton and Lana for their events. I ran over the course with them again to make sure they had it memorized and checked their tack. "Just remember guys, it's not about winning it's about having fun." The kids were laughing and it took me only a moment to figure out why. There standing behind me was none other than Ryan, being his usual self, mimicking every word coming out of my mouth. "Well, if it's just about having fun why aren't you out there competing with them, huh? Too scared you'll... LOSE?" he laughed. "I'm not scared, I'm just busy." I retorted, though I knew the moment he said it I would have to prove him wrong. I'm not one to back away from a challenge and, please, gymkhana is easy. That's why the kids do it. Or so I thought..

    I decided on Sugar for two reasons. One being she's one of our best lesson horses and two being that she's not very excitable, but has plenty of go in her still. Yeah, not today. My luck. Before we even got to the gate she was tossing her head and ready to go. That's great, except I couldn't get my stirrups on properly. "Please, Sugar. Please just let me get my foot in the stirrup and get through the gate and then go as fast as you want." It's almost as if she could feel my tension. Well, I guess she kind of could. I was shaking, but trying not to let it show. I hadn't done speed events in so long I felt like an amateur. There were 10 year olds out there running the course with more confidence than I could even muster saddling up!

    "Come on, Kaitlyn. Keep it together." And that was it. Sugar took off around the poles, weaving in and out with little to no direction from me. I was still stirrupless and in shock. I finally got it together by the second barrel, just enough time to take it home. We didn't miss a beat! Even without stirrups, I somehow made it through. At the end of the course I couldn't help but give Sugar a hugggeeee hug around the neck.

    alt text

  • Dalton Kegarise and CSR The Hottest Sensation
    14 years old
    Hurry Scurry
    alt text

    I told the announcer dude several times "My last name is NOT Warren. I go by KEGARISE. See? KEG-A-RICE, like, instead of BEER it's a keg of RICE. Much more fun to say." I still don't know why people refuse to accept that my last name will soon be Kegarise and not this stupid Warren name. The adoption goes through June 30th. A little more than a month away, but hey, what difference does a month make when you're talking about a name? And it's not like I'm a dog. Like, duhh, I'll still know you're talking about me if you call me Dalton Kegarise. Anyway, today is one very special day. It's my first show being part of this program and I can't wait to see how Tuck and I do. Maybe if we do realllyyy good Kaitlyn, the barn manager, will think we are such a good pair she will give him to me! A horse all of my own! Plus, Tucker and I are a really good team. He's really my very best friend in a world of court dates and uncertainty.

    alt text

    I tried to keep what Kaitlyn told me in mind, but it's kind of hard when you have so much to focus on. I decided instead to focus on Tucker and his energy. The first jump was a little scary, but I knew Tucker wasn't going to hurt me. We took our time around the course and maybe went a litttlee too far around the pole.
    alt text
    but it wasn't about winning, just like Kaitlyn told me. It was about me and my best friend, Tuck. Overall, I was happy. Maybe we didn't make the fastest time, but it was nice to get away from all the stuff going on at home. I started to feel a little sad when I thought about home. I wanted to stay with Tucker forever, but I knew even once the day ended I would be back Saturday to see him again.

  • Lana Kegarise and LCR Gotta Lotta Bucks
    16 years old
    Figure 8 Flags
    alt text

    I had brushed Buck off calmly in the early morning heat, careful not to let him pick up any tension I may have held in my body. It was my first time showing in many months and I wanted to make sure we had the best chance of placing today. I accidentally left my bouquet of Holly Hocks and White Heather at home. I had spent most of the the night gathering them. In Victorian times, these flowers symbolized ambition and luck - both things I felt I would need today. Looking back, I probably should have gathered some Forget-Me-Nots, which, unironically, symbolize exactly what you would expect Remember Me Forever.

    alt text

    The ride started off well, until the first barrel at least. We rounded the corner a bit too fast and unfortunately knocked the bucket. I was still hopeful we had a chance.

    alt text

    We finished the rest of the round without a hitch. I think we may have even made the time, regardless, I gently led Buck away from the arena. It wasn't worth stressing over. As badly as I'd wanted to place, I knew the more important thing was that Buck and I were both safe. There would be plenty of other shows, but I wouldn't be able to replace Buck. "It's okay, boy. We'll get 'em next time."

  • Voting Opens Now!

    All members of the community are welcome to vote, even if you didn't enter the challenge.

  • Participation Posepack!
    alt text

    Participants will be contacted soon to receive their pack


    1st Place goes to @Kaitlyn-Lewis with Kaitlyn Lewis and CK Ultra Trashy Chic
    2nd Place goes to @Kody-Böhming with Ada Speer and RL Sheza Perfect Illusion
    3rd Place goes to @Kaitlyn-Lewis with Lana Kegarise and LCR Gotta Lotta Bucks


    Goes to @Kaitlyn-Lewis with Dalton Kegarise and CSR The Hottest Sensation


    Goes to @Kaitlyn-Lewis with Lana Kegarise and LCR Gotta Lotta Bucks

    Judging Sheet
    Congratulations Kaitlyn and Kody! I'll contact you soon about your prizes

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