Equus Auction Rules

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    Official ES Auction Rules

    Official rules of ES auctions are listed below:

    • All auction threads must be named as follows: [ENDS Mo. D] [What's being sold] Title of Auction
    • All auctions must have either an end date or a designated lapse period. IE: ENDS 11/3 or ENDS 24 HOURS AFTER LAST BID. No ''ongoing" or "no end date" auctions permitted.
    • Re-using auctions posts is not permitted. If a horse or item sells, you much create a new post next time you set an item for sale. Do not add to the post.
    • Auctioneers are allowed to set their own auction rules. This includes starting bid and minimum bid increases.
    • Equus does not enforce private sales rules. Eg: coat/conformation changes, activity, sales.
    • Bidders are not permitted to place a bid higher than the current amount in their bank account. All bidders must have the appropriate amount of money in their bank account at the time of the bid.
    • A member may not bid on behalf of another member. Bidding with intent to sell or gift a horse or item to another member is acceptable.
    • No personal comments may be made against other bidders / applicants.

    Auctions or bids that violate these rules are liable to being removed, locked, or bid declined.

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