Equus Auction Rules

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    Official Equus Auction Rules

    • All auction threads must be named as follows: [END DATE] Title of Auction
    • All auctions must have either an end date or a designated lapse period. IE: ENDS 11/3 or ENDS 24 HOURS AFTER LAST BID. No ''ongoing" or "no end date" auctions permitted.
    • Auctioneers are allowed to set their own auction rules. This includes starting bid and minimum bid increases.
    • Equus does not enforce private sales rules. Eg: coat/conformation changes, activity, sales.
    • Bidders are not permitted to place a bid higher than the current amount in their bank account. All bidders must have the appropriate amount of money in their bank account at the time of the bid.
    • A member may not bid on behalf of another member. Bidding with intent to sell or gift a horse or item to another member is acceptable.
    • No personal comments may be made against other bidders/applicants. Banter, chatter, and teasing between bidders is to be kept to an absolute minimum. Pressuring another member to stop bidding in any way is prohibited.

    Auctions or bids that violate these rules are liable to being removed or locked, and repeat offenses will result in formal warnings.

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