ReShade help?

  • So I just installed Reshade 3.0. I love the way my horses look but for some reason when I go into live mode the grass turns to a really bright green. When Im in build/buy it looks great. Here are photos to show what I mean, top is in build/buy, bottom is in live mode.
    alt text
    alt text
    I am using presets by Pixelore from tumblr.
    Is there any way to fix this? Ive tried playing with settings on reshade but that doesnt seem to help.

  • Yaaaay, one of my fav reshade presets! Is there snow on the ground? That might be the problem. Good luck!

  • Do you have frost on the ground? I'm not sure if that could be it! Spring season can also give off this colour. Hope you can fix it! Do you mind sending me a link or showing me where the Pixelore presets are? I can't find them on her tumblr :)

  • I was in fall, and switched to summer, but not i have green grass but have lost all detail in the ground... Im not sure whats going on.

    @Effie-Phoenix - Ill see if I can find it again!

  • Play with the temperature too! It may take a while for your game to set up summer. I know mine does that when I switch seasons.

  • Just go to (shift click the ground) Seasons > Snow Level > None to get rid of it, if it is snow. Switching the season alone takes a long time to see the effects. :)

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