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  • I was wondering will traditional shows be back ? Or it will be just randomized show now. Anyhow how can i host a show

  • Administrators

    Hello Mariana.
    T shows are not coming back to Equus in the foreseeable future. You can however apply to host an R show in this info post or host any challenges or shows you'd like in our Challenges board.

    Hope this helps!

  • What was the reason behind getting rid of them? I loved the T shows :(

  • PR Committee

    @Neeve-Kalford There was a lot of reasons behind getting rid of them; backlash from negative scorecards, judges being overloaded, not enough judges, but that's why we have challenges now. Members can host a challenge that follows T shows guidelines. There's a whole document explaining why T shows stopped if you want to read it.

  • Administrators

    There were a number of issues, primarily lack of volunteer judges and member dissatisfaction.

  • Ah i see thats totally fair enough. Do challenges not award points?

  • As far as I can see the challenges do not award points.
    So now points are depending completely on luck. And I'm afraid of some upcoming frustration because of this, as some horses really do have bad luck and don't gain points for months. I had a horse that didn't gain a single point in over 6 months and another one that didn't gain points in almost 5 months. And a lot of horses that always gain just a few points, so leveling takes a lot of time. T-Shows were always an opportunity for the community to push a particular horse, whether because it always has bad luck in random shows, or because it is someone's most successful horse, or because it is a new horse.

    Would it be possible to change the bonus points system for compensation? I know that the community struggled with a lack of judges for T-Shows and I understand the decision to cancel them for now. But it would be nice if points would not completely depend on luck. It would be nice if we would benefit from competing and breeding and if bonus points had a slightly more important impact (not too much, but a little more). :slight_smile:

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