[Ended] Sawtooth Performance Horses Spring Foals

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    Welcome to Sawtooth Performance Horses first foal crop! We’ve paired our best stallions and mares to produce top quality western performance AIHs. All foals have main site profiles and are registered for their recommended disciplines. The disciplines can be changed if you wish. All foals come with custom markings.

    Terms Of Sale

    • Do not use the horse's coat or conformation as a base, except the conformation when making offspring
    • Do not put the horse or its coat, conformation or custom markings up for download
    • You are free to add detail and shine markings, grey out a grey, or lighten a coat as the horse ages without contacting me. If you would prefer I update the coat, I will free of charge. You may also add a layer of winter hair, a clip, mud, etc. for story reasons
    • Stallions may be gelded as you please
    • As a courtesy, please contact me if you plan to sell a horse, so I can update my records or participate in the sale. If you forget I won’t harass you though
    • Height, eye color/shape, and body condition (gaining weight after long inactivity, gaining muscle through training, etc) can be changed to better fit your game however unrealistic changes are not allowed (ie: making brown eyes blue or a regular sized horse a pony)
      -The horse’s show name may not be changed and your prefix may not be added


    SPH Foolin’ These Witches
    alt text
    alt text alt text alt text
    Filly, Silver Black, Ee aa nZ nW by HMR Jax O’ Fool out of SPH Brebaje de Brujas +8 in Reining, +7 in Ranch Versatility and +5 in Western Trail (Regged in first two)
    SPH Commander Chex
    alt text
    alt text alt text alt text
    Colt, Dun Splash, Ee Aa nD SplSpl nW by EER Buena Cash Those Chex out of Pss Tiki Command +10 in Reining and +7 in Western Trail

    Ignore his black tail in the foal pictures please! I didn't notice that until just now

    SPH Dun With These Ties
    alt text
    alt text --- alt text
    Filly, Sooty Dunskin Overo, Ee AA nCr nD nO nW nSty by HMR Dun it Quick out of SPH These Ties are Binding +9 in Working Cow Horse, +8 in Reining

    Please send applications and price offers to me either here or on Slack

  • Are they all AIH or can they be regd at AQH/APH etc

  • They're all AIH, and all already registered

  • boo, okay. Thought maybe one might be AQH or APH since you had AQH studs. XD

  • Yeah, all the sires are AQH but all the dams are AIH, so all the foals are too.

  • Administrators

    Oh god SPH Foolin’ These Witches is so cute! My wallet is really not wanting me to cave :sob:

  • Im in love with SPH Commander Chex :heart_eyes:

  • SPH Foolin' These Witches is still available!

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