[ENDS 05/20] APH Mare


    • Blackstone's Nikora, also known as Nikki, is 7 year old grullo APH. She has competed with a total of 15pts in halter and 25pts in dressage with her Newcomer title. I'd describe Nikki as meek but very loving and gentle, she's a mare with a lot to give and is a real people-pleaser. She has great movement and a well established three paces and will also pop over a fence but we haven't done much with her in this area.

    SB: 12,000

    Min Increase: 1,000

    Also, boring I know but some quick rules:

    • No mass downloading

    • No using her template

    • No changing any markings (except mane and tail)

    It would be lovely to have a photo/s from time to time either through PM or in an album, whatever suits. I'd hate her to get lost so please if you're looking to re-home her get in touch with me because I might want her back. Thanks! I forgot to add, she has a main site profile.

    alt text

    alt text

  • She's a foundie? :)

  • @Lidija-Rotherford

    yes she’s foundie :)

  • Starting Bid!

  • @Isabella-Khrazenzia She's yours! :D if you could send the money over and messaged me your email to send her over that would be great

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