[Ended] Austrian Warmblood Yearling Sale

  • Welcome to the actual first sale for Sinclair Court. These lovely horses are offspring of my current active horses.

    I don't really have much for rules but just the general:

    • Don't resell without checking with me first
    • Keep horses active in Randomized shows
    • At least update once a month in game

    All starting bids are $10,000
    Minimum Bids are $1,000
    Maximum Bids are $5,000
    Auto-Buys are offers only.
    None have mainsite profiles but willing to make them for an extra $1,500

    All photos are foal photos with their adult confirmation

    alt text

    Show Jumping
    alt text

    Show Hunting
    Receives 1 Pedigree Bonus in Show Hunter
    alt text

    alt text

  • Bump
    4 days left

    EDIT: Baja receives 1 pedigree bonus now.

  • If I were in the market for horses I'd go for Spear in a heartbeat! Bumping this up so that they get some love!

  • Phantom is stunning! If only I wasn't broke

  • Heck! I guess i've got more money than I thought. SB on Phantom (mainsite profile would also be appreciated)

  • @Lindsey-Warren accepted

  • Shoot me now... SB on Baja.
    I LOVE blacks

  • @Allison-Person accepted

  • Sale ends in 11 hours.

  • Ended!

    Pm me your email or contact me via slack.

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