The Achievement Point System - UPDATE: Tutorial Tracker

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    The Achievement Point System

    Did you know that by being an active member on Equus, you could earn achievement points? Tasks such as creating a horse profile on the main site, and entering a horse in a randomized competition could earn you points that you could eventually trade in for money! Currently, 200 achievement points will earn you $10,000. (Please note that the payout amounts are subject to change at any time to maintain the balance of our economy) You can only trade tickets in at intervals of 100. (Ex. You can submit a request for 600 but not 647.)

    To view a list of tasks that will earn you achievements, please view this link.

    In order to simplify tracking your achievement points, we have created a spreadsheet that will do the math for you!

    Here is the the tracking spreadsheet.

    Navigating and Using The Spreadsheet Tracker

    In order to create your own spreadsheet, please click File > Make a copy.

    As you navigate through the sheet, you will see various tabs that align with the list of tasks. On each of those tabs you will see a dropdown. Use the dropdown to select the task that you are claiming, and the number of times you are claiming it. For example, if you are created a horse profile, navigate to the "Main Site Horses" tab and choose Create a horse profile. The number of times would be 1, and your evidence would be a link to the horse's profile. Another example would be entering horses in a randomized show. Navigate to the "Shows & Challenges" tab and choose Enter a horse in a randomized competition. The number of times would be the number of horses you entered in that show, and the evidence would be a link to the show thread.

    Trading In Achievement Points

    Please create a forum thread here in the Achievements section with a link to your spreadsheet tracker, as you will need it to trade in your achievements.

    Once you have amassed enough achievement points to trade in, please log them on the sheet that says Trade In's, and fill out the form that can be found here:

    Cash in Tickets

    Click here to view the raw list to see the status of your request and to see any comments left by the processor.

    You will never need to delete your achievement history because of this Trade In's feature! If you run out of room, select the button that says "Add (number) more rows at bottom".

    When you are filling out the form trade in your achievement points, please make sure to give us the link to your forum post, not your spreadsheet, and that your spreadsheet is listed as public!


    Once your achievements have been traded in, please HIDE the rows containing the achievement points you just traded in. This will assist staff in determining which achievements are new and those that have already been traded.

    If you have questions regarding tracking your achievement points or trading them in, please PM me either on the forum or on Slack.

    Have fun!

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    UPDATE - Forum Transfer

    Due to the changes involved in moving to our new forum, as well as some of the large changes announced over the December hiatus, we have updated the list of ticket-earning events and updated the tracker template.

    The upgrade to the new template is easy:

    1. Make a copy of the new tracker template, but don't delete your old one!
    2. Open your old tracker and note how many tickets you have that you haven't cashed in yet.
    3. In the 'getting started' page, make a new event called 'ForumTransfer2017 Ticket Mover' (you'll see it in the drop down list like normal)
    4. For the 'number of times' enter the amount of tickets you have left over from your old tracker
    5. For the evidence, use a link to your old tracker.
    6. Keep your old tracker in a safe place and use the new one from now on.


    Once your achievements have been traded in, please HIDE the rows containing the achievement points you just traded in. This will assist staff in determining which achievements are new and those that have already been traded.

    And you're done! Everything else continues like normal.

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    We have gotten a few questions about the achievement tracker and how to actually fill it out. So we decided to make a tutorial to help you out a bit and hopefully, it will answer some of your questions. If you still have questions you can PM/DM the following people;

    @Rena-Cort - approves achievement points requests (and an extra shout out for coming up with the idea and being one of the persons setting this up)
    @Octavia-Ryland -approves achievement points requests
    @Blake-Bellanaris - Sends out payment after approval
    @Anna-Hertler - Sends out payment after approval (and can answer any questions related to the tracker)

    Note that this is still a bit of a work in progress, we will try and make a better forum post to help out, but everyone is very busy RL right now. So, for now, the tutorial tracker and staff will have to be enough to guide you through it ;)


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