{WANTED} Building CC

  • I'm getting back into building in the sims 3 and figured I could put this here to ask people to link their favorite building CC, horse related or not! If anyone is willing to share their building stuff with me or everyone that'd be even cooler. Any and all building CC, wall paints, terrain paints, plants, buy items (Like stalls, kitchen stuff, bedroom stuff, etc.) Ive been looking and downloading stuff on my own and its so daunting because there's just so much stuff. Thanks in advance!

  • PR Committee

    This is a really cool handy place to look for all build and buy items, and for things such as terrain paints and patterns etc. You can use the tag page to search just for specific items at a time so it doesn't get too daunting :slight_smile: Otherwise there are sites such as Mod the Sims, TSR, Around The Sims that also have nice items available to download.

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