[ISO] Fresh horses!

  • Hi. I'm looking for any Warmblood, Thoroughbred or Arabian horses people might be open to selling, leasing with a breeding at the end of the lease, leasing to own or maybe just breeding me a horse. I need to get more horses and lines into my stock so I don't wind up with an inbreeding problem. I'm open to paying your price or providing alternative payment, I'm just more than interested in having new horses on board for 2017 :D You can either reply here, start a chat w/ me on here or just DM me on slack if you have horses. I'm looking to avoid foundations unless they're titled, and pedigree bonuses are preferred but not necessary.

  • I have few Warmblood youngsters on sale right now :) All of them are 2nd/3rd gen and receive pedigree bonus

  • I have one Czech Warmblood mare, at the moment Local Champion in show jumping, but she's 1st gen

  • @Luke-Teth hi i have 2 hanoverians up for auction (both fundation) a freisan with pedigree bonus and many stallions up for stud. U can see my titled stallions in my breeding page

  • Breed Committee

    I can lease/sell some too - not sure what breeds you want but I have plenty. Just poke me on Slack!

  • I still have a titled Trakehner stallion up for auction and there are no bis on him yet. :)

  • I have some arabs i could lease out and let you breed at the end. You can lease to own too if wanted. These are two cute mares with some decent little pedigrees. I trained them for english, but you can change it, as they arent registered or anything yet. Id make the main site profiles too.

    NAHLIAH BE (POP Poligon x NA Al Kharifah)
    BEAUQUET BE (IA Baariq x SER Muhklisah Ali Shaqab)

    If not i have some horses available for breeding, check my "breeding" tab. You can see their points too, but some may not be on the leader boards because of all the changes in the past, im sure i can them back on there though. Also any horses on my retired list are available for breeding too.


  • 1_1486343833869_hose 2.png 0_1486343833868_hors1.png 0_1486343871315_Screenshot-326.jpg
    first 2 are up for auction both foundation hanoverians bay stallion chestnut mare
    3rd is a Friesian colt 3 generation receives +4 or something like that can't remember but i'll investigate if u are interested

    i also can breed any of my mares and stallions

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