Do you own a horse from me?

  • So I noticed my scrapbook doesn't always get checked and things have changed prefix wise. I've tried to notify as many people as possible but then I go and check prefixes and notice not everyone has udpated them yet or the news hasn't spread to them.

    Prefix changes
    If you own a horse from me with these prefix Sin's and AWE please update them ASAP.
    Sin's - SI
    AWE - EA
    The prefix change is also for those who have horses from my ancient stable with the prefix of EsS their prefix is now EA so please update accordingly.

    Name changes
    If you got an offspring from me from any of my horses most of their name's have change(mainly just a prefix change).
    To Neverland > Rougarou
    Bon Jovi > Paladin des Ifs KN

    There are WAY too many people to try and pm and contact via slack so please update when you can I am trying to keep track of the coverings all my geldings have made as well.

  • I edited My Final Time a long time ago ^^

  • PR Committee

    I've just sent in the form for Johnny B. Goode to have his prefix changed

  • I will be changing Kaldur'ahm's pregix later today.

  • @Jase-Sunshine He's such a throw back!

    Feel free to giv ehim an update if you want as well not sure what his coat looks like currently.

  • I updated Musi back when you told me. Waiting for him to be reg. now

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