[ENDED] British Warmblood 2nd Gen Stallion

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    Winyard Estate Sales Autumn 2018

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    WYE Silent Knight (WYE Aristocrat x WYE Doongara)
    British Warmblood colt
    +7 eventing (+4 from sire, +3 from dam)

    Knight was a horse that we sold to a member who's now gone inactive and he was returned to us. He's now looking for another new home to take him to the best level he can reach. His parents are both still actively competing in eventing, both with increasing bonuses.

    Around the barn, he's quite shy and it can take a little bit to get him to work for you - he needs a lot of encouragement. But when you've built up a partnership with him, he will do almost anything for you.

    Starting bid: 10 000
    Auction will close 24 hours after last bid has been placed.


    • DO NOT use this horse for coats/breed templates
    • DO NOT drastically alter his conformation or coat. His coat is a little outdated at the mo, and he will be receiving an update before I send his file to the winning bidder if they so wish. If they wish to edit his coat beyond minor details, then they must clear these edits with me first. Minor edits to shine/detail markings and minor conformation edits for realism are okay
    • DO NOT change his show name. You are welcome to change his barn name
    • DO NOT remove the WYE prefix or add your own
    • DO keep him active please - whether that's in your blog, or in competitions, I don't really mind - but please don't let him go to waste
    • DO let me know if you want to sell him on - I may wish to have him back
    • DO NOT send his file on to any other user here or outside - unless for a lease (in which case, make sure that the leaser is also aware of this rule). If I found you have done so, you will be banned from any future WYE sales.
    • DO love him and look after him :)
    • To prove you've read and understand these rules, please put your favourite colour in your first bid.

  • SB (green!)

  • 12k (purple)

  • Competition Committee

    Both accepted :)

  • Competition Committee

    Congratulations @Isabella-Khrazenzia you have won the auction :) Please PM me your email address and send payment so I can send his file over!

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