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  • Welcome to Whispering Woods Riding Academy || Zayat Stables || WinStar Farm!
    Here is my new scrappy on this new forum. I'm going to post all my screens with registred horses and racing shots. Hope you enjoy it!)
    Now we are located in Wellington, New Zealand. Also my racing shots are made previous on Woodbine RaceCourse, Canada. But now we're trying to move in Santa Anita, USA.
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    My Horses
    Name Breed Disciplines Available for breeding
    W's Dear Oliver Westphalian Show Jumping (144) yes
    LHH Yarost Orlov Trotter Show Jumping (152) no
    Cambridge HX Swedish Warmblood Eventing (67) & Dressage (69) no
    ILA Calla Hanoverian Show Jumping (40) no
    WWRA Who Can Dance Dutch Warmblood Dressage (108) yes
    GRCoR's Romashka Hanoverian Show Jumping (84) yes
    RDEC Zicondino Dutch Warmblood Show Jumping (126) & Dressage (122) yes
    Robin Hill German Sport Horse Show Jumping (116) yes
    LHH Ekvilirum Westphalian Show Jumping (115) & Eventing (147) yes
    Roman Blame HA Swedish Warmblood Eventing (129) & Show Jumping (59) no
    Eretria's Forte Hanoverian Show Jumping (101) no
    York's Virgo Hanoverian Show Jumping (87) no
    Calling Curious HA Swedish Warmblood Eventing (15) & Show Jumping (-) no
    March Sapphire L Danish Warmblood Eventing (6) & Show Jumping (13) no
    If you interested in breeding with one of my horses and see 'yes' in column 'Available for breeding' - please pm me. We'll be talking about it.

  • Racing of 2016

    Five Dollar Weekend & Exaggerator & American Cleopatra on Woodbine RaceTrack.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Racing of 2017

    American Pharoah & Cozmic One with jokey - Rosie Napravnik.

    alt text
    alt text

  • ohhh what a sublime horse.. i want see more <3

  • Glad to see you here! With opening! <3

  • @Nina-Ricchi Oww! Nice to hear it, Nina :smile: I have some new shots, but I'm going to post them a bit later :wink:
    @Alexandra-Yashirina Thanks! :blush:

  • Sweet mother of Jesus... Spectacular pictures! o.o
    They look so alive. <3

  • Wow! These are so realistic, amazing job :smiley:

  • dlshdcLVRG I love your pictures! Just like Isabel says, there's so much life to them!:astonished: :heart_eyes_cat: Nice to see some racing too, it's not often around here.

    I'm looking forward to see more :clap:

  • Wow gorgeous pictures, I love the first one it's so unique! :heart_eyes:

  • PR Committee

    Look at those gorgeous Tbs! The amount of detail and movement in your images is awesome! They look so realistic. Definitely keeping an eye on this blog! Can't wait to see more :heart:

  • How in the world did I miss this thread?!? Gorgeous photos!

  • Don't mind me while I fangirl here. * _____ *

  • Those are amazing! :man_dancing_tone4:

  • WOW! absolutely stunning, they look so real. Can't wait to see more :smiley:

  • Amazing shots! They look so real! <3

  • I have so many comment, but haven't reply for a long time!
    @Isabel-Shipper Thank you Isabel! To each work I try to give all my skills to make them good :)
    @Cole-Tieman Thanks!I've spent 3 days for each work :laughing:
    @Merida-Dahmer Oww Merida! Thanks for you nicely comment <3 Actually racing is my main sims-discipline and it's really sad to see here, on equus, just a few people in racing. I thought that here racing is one of the main themes.
    @Zinnia-Arvi Thanks! I'm just trying to make more unusual screens :wink:
    @Johanna-Masters Thanks! I really hope that I'll make soon some more racing shoots :)
    @Lidija-Rotherford Thanks Lidija! Oh, it's not your fault, it's because of my laziness :grin:
    @Luna-Andrews :hugging:
    @Keileigh-Morgan Thanks Keileigh!
    @Kayla-Albright Thanks Kayla! Hope new shoots will be soon!
    @Annie-Emerson Thaank you :kissing_heart:

    Returning of lazy man :D
    Can't remember one thing: had I posted my grey boys on equus or not?
    Anyway, here they are!
    LHH Ekvilirum & Roman Blame HA.

    LHH Ekvilirum

    Roman Blame HA

    alt text

    And one more boy! Eretria's Forte without any adition.

    alt text

  • These boys are absolutely amazing! You know I love your edits and horses! I can't wait to see more! :heart_eyes:

  • I love Ekvilirum's face. He looks all strong and stoic. Like a horse version of George Washington

  • PR Committee

    Your horses are so beautiful!

  • @Elaine-Rose Aww Elaine! Nice to hear it from you :kissing_closed_eyes: Next post will be with my mares :blush:
    @Maxine-Spencer The severe Russian horse :grinning: His father has the same interesting face.
    @Callixta-Rosella Thanks :heart_eyes:

  • O_O' I'd love to watch you edit one of these day.

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