Southside Valley Leasing Service [Many Slots Open]

    • Southside Valley Leasing Service

    Since I'm trying to expand my stable and start breeding with other stallions than mine, I'm trying to get the money in :)
    I've got plenty of time at hand and only just a few horses in my stable, I'm starting to offer a leasing service. I'm online every day, so I can offer to participate in every Random Show that's being offered for the discipline.
    So if you are lacking the time to show your horses as much as possible, I'd be happy to lease them!

    There are 5 free slots in every discipline from Level 2 - 10 and Level 1 in all disciplines except Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing.

    Please contact me by direct message or here with your horses and price offers (prices are negotiable)

  • Level 6 spots Eventing are taken, everything else is still available!

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