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  • Thank you! I'm looking forward to the 2k version :)

  • Finally releasing this version of the saddle, same as previous saddle, just the fancy version.
    Updated link of previous saddle to include 4k/2k version.

  • Thank you so much for this :smiley:

  • chestnuts
    Probably nothing no one asked for to be updated, but I wanted a more HD horse chestnut with a little bit more variation for my fancy ponies.
    Located under belly section

  • supplements
    Need just a liiiiitle more HD variety to your feed rooms? These nifty tubs include 11 different types of supplements for all kinds of equines.

  • These are AMAZING! The one thing I have always wanted is the supplement strips too. Thank you Kayla!

  • supplementstrips
    Might come out with another version later on with better textures, but for now these are just super simple and great for cluttering! Comes with 4 variations.

  • ASP

    Aspenfield Show Park is a small show atmosphere with high quality amenities. Located in a large valley, these show grounds are perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable and spacious place to show their horses. We have a short and long dressage court, multiple arenas, roundpens, overnight stabling barns, a large, wide open cross country course, and multiple parking spaces for trailers and cars.
    We put our horses, riders, and staff first at Aspenfield to make everyone's experiences here the best.

    ASP Hunter Course ASP Jumper Course

    Custom Content Required

    So this world has extensive CC used. Obviously you don't have to use what I use, but if you'd like to achieve the same courses and looks then I'd suggest hunting things down. I won't be taking the time to do it, but things of importance will be listed. There still might be missing items as I really have no idea if I wrote everything down.

    The bank test file inside the custom CC file is still a 'test' object. Feel free to use it freely but it's very finicky and you'll have to figure it out on your own. It's not a properly released/finished cc piece yet.

    Show World Rules

    Normally I don't really have strict rules, but because I put extensive time into this world I would like for people to follow them.

    • Please do not reuse my lots I've made and put them into other worlds, they are specifically built for this world and I'd like to keep it that way.
    • Do not use the world for personal stables and barns. If you'd like to redo parts of the show world for your own pictorial, missing cc fixing, or aesthetic needs, go ahead! Just no bulldozing for your own stables please.
    • Obviously don't reupload my show world or claim as your own if you modify lots and such.
    • Basically don't be a prick about it and we'll have no issues.

    Aspenfield Show Park

    If you prefer installing S3P's or are having CC issues you can manually place the lots after downloading the lots here

  • i don't think you understand, i'm obsessed!!!

  • Development Committee

    Holy crap! Kayla! This world is beautiful! You did an amazing job on it, it's so detailed and perfect. Excited to send my horses to shows! :heart:

  • Excited to use this world for shows

  • Competition Committee

    Kayla, what did we do to deserve you?! :sob: :two_hearts:

  • You just inspired me to make a new show arena. Thank you! <3

  • This is seriously amazing! :heart_eyes: I can't wait to use it for shows etc


  • oh my goodness! I'd been planning on making myself a show world for a while now, but you beat me to it and did better than anything I could imagine! This is absolutely amazing! I'll have to try out Aspenfield at some point! Thank you!!

  • this is amazing! Are we allowed to slightly edit it? I'm a western rider, so if i can i'd like to edit the arenas a little bit to fit into the shows (like the sand, maybe arena fence etc.

  • This is amazing, I'm so thrilled you actually released it! It's honestly made me excited for my next day off so I can download it and take hundreds of pictures. I always struggle with building realistic looking courses so this is a HUGE help and I'll never stop being thankful for it :pray_tone1: petition to promote Kayla to god-tier status?

    Do you plan to ever host actual shows out of this world in the future? :eyes:

  • Woa woah woah! What absolutely amazing facilities! These look so great and so so realistic! And you can never have enough show site facilities! I just thought about creating an extra world for competition purpose and you just took away SO MUCH EXTRA WORK! Thank you so so much for sharing this, it's absolutely fantastic! :heart:

  • Words can't express how happy I am with seeing everyone so excited over everything! <3
    I'll be updating the CC used list as more people have ask for things I've used so hopefully you won't have to do too much replacing objects (:

    I'm hoping to make more courses to "interchange" the ones I have now so there's more variety people can choose from :grin:
    Please don't hesitate to ask me where I found something or if you need help finding things, I'm more than happy to!

    @Eowyn-Vance I'd eventually love to host challenges using the map as the "official" showgrounds of Hunter/Jumper shows!
    @Piper-Chance Yes! Feel free to place in trail objects or anything thing else you'd like, you may edit anything you need to get a more 'westerny' vibe, I'd love to see what people do with the world! Although you maybe gave me the idea to make a western show world

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