Kayla's Shop of Wonder |2/9| Ascending Oxer Table

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    4k Western Set Post
    2k Western Set Post
    4k/2k Blingy Western Saddle Post
    "Trail Springs" Western Oregon based world Post
    Children Piper Breeches Post
    HD Fuzzy Hunter Contour Pad Post
    Arena Footing Post
    Hunter Jumper Course Lot Post
    Cross Contry Pencil, Corner, & Table jump Post
    Scallop Jump Planks Post
    Wagon Wheel & Lattice Jump Standard Post
    Pole Bending Poles Post
    Animal Print Jump Set Post
    Male Breeches v1 Post
    Male Boots To Fit Pets Breeches Post
    Dirty Horse Sheets Post
    Round Bale Feeder Post
    Stall Door Standard Post
    Halloween Release Post
    3k All Purpose Pads Post
    Cool Calories Supplement (Public CC) Post
    4-Hook Tack Hanger Post
    4k/2k Western Saddle No Fenders Post
    4k/2k Blingy Western Saddle No Fenders Post
    3k Horse Chestnuts Post
    SmartPak Supplement Tubs Post
    SmartPak Supplement Strips Post
    Aspenfield Show Park Post
    Aspenfield Show Park pt.2 Post
    Lesson Horse Poses Post
    Hunter/Equitation Posts Post
    Curved Wall Standard Post
    Hunter Derby Course Post
    2k Male Show Jacket Post
    3k Roeckl Gloves Post
    XC Bank Jump Post
    Curved Hunter Wall Post
    Scrabble Jump Filler Post
    Day 2 - 3k Dover CL Jump Saddle Post
    Day 6 - Jump Planks Post
    Day 11 - 3k Ovation Dressage Saddles Post
    Day 16 - Worming Decor Post
    Day 23 - 3k Tekna All Purpose Saddle Post
    Day 24 - Mounting Block Post
    Day 25 - Sawtooth Jump Planks, Tackroom Decor Set Post

    Day 7 - Astronomy XC Jump Set Post
    Day 11 - Food XC Jump Set Post
    Day 13 - Rider Number Accessory Post
    Day 16 - Fruity Jump Standards Post
    Day 19 - Unicorn Jump Standards Post
    Day 21 - Aussie Stock Saddle & Pad Post
    Day 22 - 4k Bosal Post
    Day 24 - 4k Cutting Saddle Post


    • Please link downloads to my site or this thread, thank you. <3
    • Please ask me if you'd like to re-texture a mesh of mine.
    • Don't use my textures for other things.
    • Don't claim things as yours.
    • Don't re-upload, especially to nasty ad.fly or sites alike.

  • I'm really excited to see more 'updated' western things out. Amazing!

  • H E L L Y E S

  • Without waiting any longer I decided to release the breast collar and saddle now! Again, there's a slight masking issue with the saddle but tbh I got too lazy to fix since the saddle took me ages to make an almost perfect texture. You can see a slight issue on the saddle since I took this from a low angle, but you cant really tell from a distance and will probably will fix this in the future :sweat_smile:
    (Breast collar comes in a plain version too )

    alt text 4k Western Set

  • Oh mah good lord. Fantastic job! Thank you <3


  • Thank you so so much! We have been needing new western stuff for a long time! These look amazing <3

  • @Kayla-Greyson Your a life saver! We need more western stuff! Thankyou so much for these!!!

  • Will you marry me?

  • download is now void as it's included in my original western set


    Well it would be a shame if I didn't have a fancy bridle to match the other western tack I made. I'm working on another delicious 4k western surprise too, but unfortunately installing reshade completely broke my game so now I have to figure that stuff out.. oops :grimacing:

  • I was just in game wishing that we had a 4k bridle to go with all the tack. Thank you so much! <3

  • OMG this is great! Thankyou so much for this!!!

  • Does the bridle have a reined version? Awesome work, they look so real

  • This post is deleted!

  • That bridle is so amazing. So sad my game can‘t handle 4k graphics. You don‘t maybe want to make a 2k version of it :see_no_evil:

  • @Jennifer-Winchester Unfortunately the original mesh I used from Lakeside didn't come with a rein version(not that I could find anyways) otherwise I would've added it in there also. I’m only useful when it comes to retexturing things otherwise I would add reins onto it... But if there is a reined version of the bridle out there then I will gladly rextexture it!

    @Jase-Sunshine I will gladly make 2k versions to all that I’ve already released! I’ll add it onto my to-do list :wink:

  • Oh pleeease make the bosal variants into 4k! This is all so beautiful!
    I like this person, give them a <3 !

  • Thank you so much! It's so nice to see the western community get a little attention :smile:

  • I know what my horses will be wearing

    Well here's the lovely 2k set for people who can't run super high quality textures. I was told the 4k blanket worked for them and their computer wasn't capable of running 4k.. I'm not 100% sure if it will look nice and not slow the game down with high textures, but if anyone wants to test it out that'd be great because I didn't add a lower res blanket in the set for that reason.

    Inside the zip you'll find both 2k and 4k versions, I would only choose one version. Hope you all enjoy :smile:

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