Kayla's Shop of Wonder |2/9| Ascending Oxer Table

  • absolutely love your content!! especially these last few:heart_eyes: please oh please keep up the good work!

  • Omg everything is so beautiful, I can't wait to take lots of pics!

  • Absolutely stunning CC, thanks!

  • Need more and more and more CC like this ! :D

  • That Breathe jump. I can see that between two trees as my hunter comes around a bend. Oh yes!!!

  • Hey all, I'm sure anyone who isn't really living under a rock has heard about the future of this site. It's a big bummer for some to say the least. I will be re-doing the cc section of my website and updating over the course of the next few weeks. All of my cc new and old will be up there.

    As for the future of Kayla's cc? Well, I haven't had the best inspiration or much time this past week to do it, but you can still expect me to update and release things whenever I get the chance. When/If the new site rolls around, expect me to have a store there as well.

    It was a wonderful experience on this forum, and I hope to still make cc until I lose my fingers stick around on the future forum as well <3

  • alt text
    Some simple and very customizable standards for you! made before the demise oops


    Has 4 premade variants; Pattern, Plain colour, bricks, and a logo
    Can re-colour to whatever your heart desires

  • Lovely! Equus always in our hearts haha

  • alt text
    Simple & minimal ascending oxer table for cross country



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