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  • Thank you so so much! We have been needing new western stuff for a long time! These look amazing <3

  • @Kayla-Greyson Your a life saver! We need more western stuff! Thankyou so much for these!!!

  • Will you marry me?

  • download is now void as it's included in my original western set


    Well it would be a shame if I didn't have a fancy bridle to match the other western tack I made. I'm working on another delicious 4k western surprise too, but unfortunately installing reshade completely broke my game so now I have to figure that stuff out.. oops :grimacing:

  • I was just in game wishing that we had a 4k bridle to go with all the tack. Thank you so much! <3

  • OMG this is great! Thankyou so much for this!!!

  • Does the bridle have a reined version? Awesome work, they look so real

  • This post is deleted!

  • That bridle is so amazing. So sad my game can‘t handle 4k graphics. You don‘t maybe want to make a 2k version of it :see_no_evil:

  • @Jennifer-Winchester Unfortunately the original mesh I used from Lakeside didn't come with a rein version(not that I could find anyways) otherwise I would've added it in there also. I’m only useful when it comes to retexturing things otherwise I would add reins onto it... But if there is a reined version of the bridle out there then I will gladly rextexture it!

    @Jase-Sunshine I will gladly make 2k versions to all that I’ve already released! I’ll add it onto my to-do list :wink:

  • Oh pleeease make the bosal variants into 4k! This is all so beautiful!
    I like this person, give them a <3 !

  • Thank you so much! It's so nice to see the western community get a little attention :smile:

  • I know what my horses will be wearing

    Well here's the lovely 2k set for people who can't run super high quality textures. I was told the 4k blanket worked for them and their computer wasn't capable of running 4k.. I'm not 100% sure if it will look nice and not slow the game down with high textures, but if anyone wants to test it out that'd be great because I didn't add a lower res blanket in the set for that reason.

    Inside the zip you'll find both 2k and 4k versions, I would only choose one version. Hope you all enjoy :smile:

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    These are all so gorgeous :sob:


    Well I haven't done anything sims related in a few months.. I had intentions to hopefully become active but that never happened. So instead of hoarding a world I made for myself that would never see the light of day to others, I decided that I'd release it!
    • 30+ lots
    • An absurd amount of foliage
    • TONS of pasture space for cattle/horses
    • Town area
    • Very scenic & great for pictures of trail riding
    • More info & pictures on website!

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock Sorry, the screenshots do kinda suck :sweat_smile: but all lots are empty and large pastures were placed around areas where there's basically nothing but fields. They're pre-done using this caw fencing, may or may not change later.. here are more pictures. (:

    Overview of the main ranch lots & surrounding area


    View of the street near the second ranch area


  • So beautiful new western stuff, even in 2k 😍 Thanks for your works, this looks great!


    I always thought children clothes were very, very lacking, especially for the equestrian world. So I thought it'd be useful for everyone to have these adorable and fun breeches for the kiddos!
    • Unisex
    • Knee patch/Full seat
    • Able to recolour just about everything for ultimate colour coordination and to re-create your fave breeches ;)

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