Kayla's Shop of Wonder |8/1| Cross Country Bank |

  • HunterDerby
    A 12 jump 'international' style hunter derby course with high and low options.


    On a 64 x 64 lot with extra room to add some show aspects & decor outside the arena.
    Feel free to modify the height higher if you feel it's not "grand hunter" enough.
    Course picture here

  • This looks fabulous Kayla! Also loving a lot of your other cc on here!! Its amazing how awesome and quick you can produce stuff :)

  • Development Committee

    I LOVE this lot! It's going to be perfect for my hunter babies! THANK YOU :two_hearts:

  • Oh my god i LOVE this the details are fantastic!!

  • maleshow jackets
    2k male show jacket, made with a proper tie because why not. Fully customizable <3


    4-channel recolourable
    Adult Male only

  • roeckl gloves
    3k gloves which sims decided to kill the texture on


    Should be enabled for teen and up for both genders


    I'd first off like to thank @Fiora-Healy for the fix, but PLEASE uninstall your current Aspenfield Show Park file and reinstall the FIX version!

    There were 2 little issues with the original file and I'd highly, highly recommend using the fixed version <3


  • XC Bank
    So I was terrible at releasing this properly and I only included the file into my Aspenfield world download, so for anyone that doesn't want the entire world download, here!! also @Celia-Acosta beat me to releasing hers and it reminded me to put out mine so like if you want variety here u go!!


    This thing is weird to mess around with and I'd just suggest you mess around with it for a bit to get the hang of it. You can either heighten the terrain and place it, then lower one side of the bank to make a drop off, or attempt to use OMSP. Just be careful that picking it up will revert it back to the default height so make sure you place it where you want it!
    Also like... recolourable I guess? Don't do anything major to the colouring but doing tiny tweaks to the shade and brightness will be fine.

  • Haha it looks amazing!! There's never enough eventing CC xD Downloading it ASAP!

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