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  • @Jennifer-Winchester Unfortunately the original mesh I used from Lakeside didn't come with a rein version(not that I could find anyways) otherwise I would've added it in there also. I’m only useful when it comes to retexturing things otherwise I would add reins onto it... But if there is a reined version of the bridle out there then I will gladly rextexture it!

    @Jase-Sunshine I will gladly make 2k versions to all that I’ve already released! I’ll add it onto my to-do list :wink:

  • Oh pleeease make the bosal variants into 4k! This is all so beautiful!
    I like this person, give them a <3 !

  • Thank you so much! It's so nice to see the western community get a little attention :smile:

  • I know what my horses will be wearing

    Well here's the lovely 2k set for people who can't run super high quality textures. I was told the 4k blanket worked for them and their computer wasn't capable of running 4k.. I'm not 100% sure if it will look nice and not slow the game down with high textures, but if anyone wants to test it out that'd be great because I didn't add a lower res blanket in the set for that reason.

    Inside the zip you'll find both 2k and 4k versions, I would only choose one version. Hope you all enjoy :smile:

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    These are all so gorgeous :sob:


    Well I haven't done anything sims related in a few months.. I had intentions to hopefully become active but that never happened. So instead of hoarding a world I made for myself that would never see the light of day to others, I decided that I'd release it!
    • 30+ lots
    • An absurd amount of foliage
    • TONS of pasture space for cattle/horses
    • Town area
    • Very scenic & great for pictures of trail riding
    • More info & pictures on website!

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock Sorry, the screenshots do kinda suck :sweat_smile: but all lots are empty and large pastures were placed around areas where there's basically nothing but fields. They're pre-done using this caw fencing, may or may not change later.. here are more pictures. (:

    Overview of the main ranch lots & surrounding area


    View of the street near the second ranch area


  • So beautiful new western stuff, even in 2k 😍 Thanks for your works, this looks great!


    I always thought children clothes were very, very lacking, especially for the equestrian world. So I thought it'd be useful for everyone to have these adorable and fun breeches for the kiddos!
    • Unisex
    • Knee patch/Full seat
    • Able to recolour just about everything for ultimate colour coordination and to re-create your fave breeches ;)

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    You are very talented! :heart_eyes:

  • Yay, thank you so much for the children's breeches! :D

  • Gorgeous stuff!


    If I knew how to mesh things then I would love to make a 3D version of this! if anyone's down to help teach me that'd be great

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    Oh my god, bless you, finally someone's done it! <3

  • footing

    Equitan Arena Footing
    Well I made this pretty useless terrain paint just for me for an aesthetic purpose because I got tired of sandy arenas, and wasn't going to release this at first.. but maybe some of you will use this proper arena footing instead of sand in those jumper rings.

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    This is awesome! I love the detail! Can't wait to give my horses better and cooler looking footing!

  • Thank you for sharing :heart_eyes_cat:

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    Everything you've released so far is just amazing! I'm using Trail Springs right now and am in love with it, it's so simple (I mean it in a good way) but absolutely gorgeous and has all the room I need without being a giant box. Your Western tack is seriously making me consider getting a few more western horses on the farm, and I LOVE you for making the coutour pad. And this new terrain paint is perfect and I know it's going to be super useful. Keep at it!

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