[Cancelled] Ashwood Thoroughbreds

  • Sale moved from Equus to this forum.


    • Do not mass upload or claim as your own
    • Do not alter, change, or update coats or confirmation(detail and shine markings can be adjusted)
    • Do not resell without consulting me first
    • Stallions can be gelded
    • Horses may be added or removed daily(so please check)
    • Please don't breed my horses until they have entered in at least 2 competitions
    • Please add 'brotato' in your application so I know you read my rules
    • Active show homes please(even if it is only randomized shows)
    • Scrapbook updates at least monthly

    3 Horses have been removed due to unable to remake them or find their files. I have managed to get onto my Dropbox and retrived Spinnaker, Delirium, and To Neverland.

    List of Horses

    Horse interested in:
    Why should you be picked:
    Future plans:

  • I decided to cancel the sale, may pop it up back later this year when they have more points.

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